Big Stephen West Shawl

in #needleworkmonday5 years ago

This shawl got me back into knitting after having not picked up any projects for a number of years. It is really big, but super light weight and fun to wear. The photo doesn't really show that it is two-row stripes. I love asymmetry, airy yarn overs and color, and his patterns offer all of that! It's been a few years since I finished this, and I haven't done another Stephen West pattern since then, being sidetracked by a couple knit-alongs at the local yarn shop and knitting requested items for family members.

I'm sharing a video in which Stephen talks some about his creative process. If you haven't seen his video "Baby you're a knitter" a music video he did as his "Stephen East" alter ego, please check it out- it' guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Watching this video has got me dreaming about my next shawl project. I really need a new cardigan, but his shawls are so yummy...


The colors you picked are gorgeous!

Thanks! I was going for fall colors, my favorite!

Definitely going to check out that video later! Beautiful shawl, love the colors!

Thanks. Be sure and watch some of his music videos, they are pretty fun.

I love the shape of it :) it is so pretty. You've made me want a shawl! Was it a beginner friendly project?

Definitely beginner friendly. It's a pretty simple project. The pattern is on Ravelry, along with bunch of his other patterns.

That shawl is absolutely gorgeous! And they guy in the video is really fantastic, too! He can be our knitting mascot! LOL!

He really is fun, and creates some incredible shawl patterns. I wonder how he would feel about being a knitting mascot- I love the idea!

I Love this Shawl!!! The colors are so deep and pretty and the knit work is so neat and uniform!! You really made a lonely shawl!!! 😊

Thank you! The nice thing about a shawl - no seams, lol

I like the rounded shape of your shawl....and the colours!

Excellent work!!! The combination of сolors is simply magical)

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