DIY Sustainable Napkins – Upcycling

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Hey there peeps!

I'm back. With a nice new little project (a very easy one – perfect for sewing beginners)
The inspiration came by looking at this planet – it's overheating and full of trash. That's why I'll tackle some everyday-objects, one after another, to turn them into sustainable objects.

Today: Napkins!

I used paper napkins before, but they are for single-use only and come in plastic, which isn't nice.


I took some leftover fabric I had from several old projects, cut them to size and sewed the edges. Here is what I made:


You can fold them in any way, use them, wash them, and use them again. And again.
Some more impressions:


See the process here:

If you like the video and have a YouTube account, I would be sooo thankful to receive feedback there, since it is the very first video I uploaded there :)

Thank You for stopping by, have a nice week, and steem on!

– Pempu


This is a great idea and something I have been meaning to do for ages!
I want to make a little band with each person's name as well, so each napkin can be used several times (unless it is covered with jam)!

Nice idea! That's especially cool with kids since they love to have their "own" things, plus, you know that only YOUR dirty mouth has been on that napkin, and no one else will take it :D :D

These are cute and useful, and a great way to use up that fabric! The pattern may also keep stains from being very noticeable so you can use old ones longer that a plain fabric.

Thanks! Yeah, the pattern helps a lot to cover stains! I plan to make many more, so there are plenty for each occasion and guests and you don't have to wash that often :)

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They turned out wonderful! ^^ Sustainable solutions for the win!

It is quite disturbing to think about the products made these days. So many things for one use only, so many crappy quality things meant to break down in near future, so that people keep buying new. But, the worse thing about it. All of it becomes waste. Some of it doesn't even recycle properly and we poison our earth.

Keep up the good work! Really love your posts and creativity! :)

OMG thank You for these kind words!
You are so right, there are so many weird and bad things happening in this world, and I really hope that some day we can all live a sustainable & good life together 😌