Why NeedleWorkMonday should rule the world

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As you perhaps guessed, I was away having a little holiday. And naturally during me being away you all have written such amazing, heart-warming and encouraging post I can no longer upvote. I came back, read the posts, and wanted to hug you all. Everyone in this community is so special. Special in helping others with experienced advice, helping with encouragement and praise, helping with humorous ideas and funny stories… For me this is invaluable.

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For example, needlework around here is not held in high regard, so praise is seldom. Although my friends love to receive little baby sweaters from me :-D knitting and especially crochet are not deemed an (decorative) artform, perhaps because clothes are so cheap around here and only few people know how much work goes into the baby blanket or the lace top they receive.

Design ohne Titel(39).png

The photo shows some of the baby jackets/vests I made... I am thinking about writing a pattern for the grey one, although with sleeves... Do you think the pattern is too simple or would it be helpful?

The same goes to sewing…. If I think about the payment a tailor gets – argh! And if I am honest I think before @crosheille (and @crystalize ) created #needleworkmonday and brought us all together, needlework was also on steemit not very popular. You may think how vain… wanting approval, but for me this means a lot, because of my sh*** migraines I am no longer able to teach, work and earn money. Many things I have taken for granted are no longer possible and so crafting (or painting) things which are appreciated by others means so much to me.
But more important than approval is the connection I feel to you all. I have learned from your children, your work-travels, your gardening, your pets, your happy moments, and your sorrows. You all seem so near… And again, this is very special for me, because meeting regularly with others (in person) is not easy for me because of often being in pain. (This is also the reason we were only some hours away in our holiday, but I am in love with Liege/Lüttich. Such a beautiful city! I am still trying to find an excuse a way to write a #needleworkmonday post about Lüttich… but sadly the only yarn shop was filthy and not well stocked. But everything else, the architecture, the people, the restaurants, the waffles … sigh 💕💕💕)

Design ohne Titel(38).png

On the photos you can see me standing on the oversized drip rail of our flat in Lüttich. It was so big I used it as a balcony and knitted outside. I nearly finished a new sweater. The other photos show impressions of Lüttich: a beautiful ceiling of a church, the little harbour by night and the famous Montagne de Beuren with its 374 stairs.

I am so glad #needleworkmonday community exists...
I often catch myself telling my husband about your adventures as if you were living around the corner.
Thank you all for being here!
(originally, I wanted to mention you all personally, but I am so afraid to miss someone, that I don’t dare to write your names down…)


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We sure missed you @neumannsalva! That’s how you know when someone has made quite an impact is when you know automatically they aren’t around at the moment. It was such a wonderful week of sharing and encouragement but at the same time time rather quiet without you. 😉

I know you have already gathered from reading the posts that you have made a wonderful impression on a lot of people and who you are is greatly appreciated by this community! 😘

I love the picture of you holding us (the flowers), I could feel the love!! 💓

Those pictures are so beautiful, thanks for sharing a piece of your travels with us! Wow you knit fast to almost have finished a whole sweater!!

I am so glad too that we are here together, having a grand olé time sharing life and our hobbies!!! 🌸

I really mean it: I love this initiative and your idea to form it was genius!!!
Although it was sad not being able to comment all of the posts, the holiday was so nice. Every house was beautiful and if I somehow become a millionaire (haha) I will move to Lüttich :-D
With the knitting… It only looks as if I am fast, but sadly I am not (more in the middle speed area :-D) but I am doing it fairly often when other things are not possible, therefore the fast growth of sweaters. I saw a video from a Lady in Edenborough who has a beautiful yarn shop and dyes amazing wool…. She knits so fast, I firstly though the video was accelerated. https://www.facebook.com/vogueknittingmag/videos/10155833060185499/
I am not sure if she is human….

I hope you are feeling well (I am excited for you :-D) 💓💓

I really appreciate that~ ☺️

I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!!

Yes even though some of the video is accelerated I think the parts where she is knitting is not...wow she is very fast!!

Thank you!! I am 39 weeks today and I am so ready to meet her!!! I’m wore out and tired but I’m hanging in there ;) 💕

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Those pictures in the balcony!

Thank you for all your support.

And the grey vest made me think “I think I can do that” so a pattern would be lovely.

Thank you!!! Sitting on this balcony in the evening and listening to all the people was very romantic :-D
Meanwhile I am still searching for my notes on the grey sweater (i hope I find them!!!)

Glad you enjoyed your vacation and for a chance to knit while you were there! 😊
I have a family member who has very bad migraines too, so I pray that you both find something to help you heal from this.

Thank you for your prayer, i so hope it helps.
And yes having a vacation and being able to travel was amazing. The city was so beautiful and lively. So many nice cafès and chocolate shops... If I would live there I would constantly eat and live from waffles and chocolate :-D (kidding)
(I have read in another post that you like action films: have you seen Jean Claude van Dammes series?)

No, I have not seen his series! Is it new, or does it already exist?

I think its a year old, I am sending you a link. I only watched two episodes, because my husband is not so into action and martial art :-D
I found the episodes kind of funny with a bittersweet flavour (a little sad)... But it is only funny, if one understands the quotes of his films :-D

I am really happy you're back @neumannsalva.
I enjoyed reading this post and those marvellous photos...
Are there many yarn shops in Lüttich? It looks like a huge place to me.
I really like the crocheted baby cardigans and your pattern could include different levels / skills : without sleeves, with sleeves, pockets, different lengths, and variations (cardigan or sweater ), variations of stitches from the yoke down... Many possibilities to make a pattern appealing to different needs, tastes and skills.

Thank youuuu and no: Lüttich is a yarn desert. Everything else was so nice. But I only could find this one yarn shop... Instead they had many chocolate and waffle shops - it was a good alternative :-D
And with the cardigan: I am already searching through my notes for this and hope to get the pattern for next or next but one week together. And your idea is a good one. I originally wanted to make recipe for a top-down cardigan where everybody can fill in her own measurements (and stitches) and change it to taste.

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She is back!😍😍 .. Even though I didn't miss you and your upbeat posts and comments (liar!🙊) , I am so glad you had a little holiday and we get to see pretty pictures of Lüttich , the pictures are so spectacular those flowers are divine my gosh and your outfit I want to covet really like.
Also the knittings you made, they are so pretty, the grey one with the red outlining it, wow I like it a lot, (I don't own knitted clothes😞, its not really sold around my area ) You should write a pattern because if there's something I keep learning from needleworkmonday its that someone will benefit from what is posted. I'm so happy that you have found another way to make yourself not just useful to yourself but an encouragement to us all through your posts and your styles and your general pleasantness.
And you are right needleworkmonday definitely rules😍. Welcome back @neumannsalva

Uhhhh blushing!!!!! SO lovely compliments, I am jumping a little bit before my computer :-DD
The first and last flower photo with the poppy were taken in Lüttich. They had some beautiful parks with very old trees and we found this little flower 'island'. The photo in the middle is at home. I am living near the river Ruhr which is today after hundreds of years of intense industrial usage a protected landscape with lots of little ponds and flowers.
And now that there is interest in this baby sweater... I cannot find my notes aaaahhhhhh. I hope I can reconstruct the process for next or nest but one week.
I hope you are feeling better (and that you are not seriously ill). You inspire me to try out new things in sewing (I am right now cutting out a dress pattern)

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I always knew you lived in beautiful landscape because of your pictures. Lol! about the baby sweater not to worry, you would see it some other time when you do not expect.
Yeah I feel better, I had to go to the hospital,(and I haven't been to one in years, don't like them) and I found out I had typhoid and I got my injections and medications but I'm all good now. Not so strong to sew for so long but I am on that path☺
And you are cutting out a dress! I am so super pleased😊, do take your time and show us your work when you're ready.

Oh no! Thyphoid does not sound good. Glad you are back from hospital!!!!

Woohoo! You are back! Also- lovely vacation pictures!
Too bad the yarn shop was filthy.
Love the balcony knitting- would have been worried about my ball of yarn falling a few stories!
Definitely post the grey vest pattern. Simple patterns are good for beginners. Put it up on Ravelry!

Thank you and great to being back (no wait... Lüttich was much more beautiful) I think I took over 400 photos, I could not stop myself. The whole city has such marvellous buildings (perhaps I have an architecture fetish 🙈)

This is a very beautiful publication, transmits love and brightness. Thank you for such beautiful words. Beautiful photos. I think the pattern is helpful.

Happy you liked the post and I am now searching my notes to write the pattern for the grey cardigan down <3

This is exactly how I felt when I took a small break and went home. I would love to see a pattern for the little grey one, it is gorgeous. I like the detail you put in to them all.

Thank you and yes holidays and being able to travel is amazing.
I am currantly searching my notes for the baby cardigan and hope to write for this or next monday the pattern down :-D

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I will look forward to it 😀

Welcome back!! We missed you! (I know I did!) Was wondering, where is @neumannsalva? 😍😍😍 the pic of you with the wild flowers. Please share the pattern for the grey jacket with sleeves (with adult size if possible? 😊) Lüttich looks beautiful. But sorry about your migraines 😣You are a lovely person. May you be blessed with all good things everyday!

Thank you for the lovely wishes. I so hope it will get better...
And I originally wanted to write down a "recipe" for crocheting a cardigan top down, so that everybody can use their own measurements... I will see how my writing goes 😆 (right now I am searching for my notes for the grey cardigan....)

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I'm sorry, my dear, that you are so tormented by migraines. Do not give up in fighting this disease. Look for a method that will help you defeat it. sweater is very beautiful. take a picture of it for us closer: I want to consider it :) the city is very beautiful! I had not heard of such a city before. in Israel, with handicrafts, the situation is the same as for you, especially since for most of the year it's hot and you can not put on knitted things. it is much cheaper to buy ready-made clothes; yarn is expensive and if you buy it and then calculate the value, then the thing will cost 3 times more expensive. oh, I translated the name of your city. Of course I've heard of him but I've never been.

Yes, the migraines are not so funny... I still hope...and every well-wishing help :-D
You said you liked one of the sweaters, but I am not sure which sweater you mean? The yellow one I am holding in my hands? Or one of the baby sweaters?
And your situation really seems to be very similar. Yarn/wool is also super expensive here and I very often buy it on eBay.
Speaking of beautiful cities, I imagine Israel is full of them with such a vast history. But sadly, a little bit too far away for me.

Yes, I wrote about the sweater that you hold in your hands. Israel is very original as the whole East - some people like it here and some do not. We like it because we love archeology, especially the biblical. it's very interesting to go and see the places you read about in the Bible. my girlfriend now travels to France and sends us photos and videos. you have fabulous shops and beautiful cities!

I love everything you wrote about our little community! I too feel as if I "know" all the regulars ❤️ It looks like you got some lovely photos in Luttich...but did you take any of the waffles?? 😋

Thank you and yes... I made - ahem - over 400 photos. I loved the town. And did I mentioned that I lived on waffles for some days? They are so delicious and completely different than the waffles at my home town. I think the Belgian ones are made with yeast and there is no sugar in the dough, but the sugar is added on the outside and caramelizes while baking. Again: yummmmmmm

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Welcome back @neumannsalva! Happy to see your post after a while :) I'm curious about the pattern of the grey cardigan as well as the dark green one in the bottom right. It's so artistic!

Thank youuuu
The green one is from a japanese magazine :-D But I no longer know which one. If i find it, I will write you :-D
And now my notes on the grey one are missing too, but hopefully I can reconstruct them, it should not be to hard

After thinking for a while: it is possible that the green one was a mixture of two patterns... I am sorry, I am not sure and I did not add it on ravelry

Thank you for taking time neumannsalva. Ja that's needle work. A lot of spontaneous things happen and make the works great :)

excelent post full of a message where love, affection goes afloat, bunito place and excellent the way in which you weave an art

Thank you for the praise and I am glad you liked the post. :-D