Ida-Dress for Dinosaurs

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A big hello to you all and I missed you so much. I was one week in Frankfurt and as we came back we had a funny water problem in the bathroom. So funny that I am only now back to writing for #needleworkmonday.
The water of shower and basin did not stop to run. We firstly repaired the mountings, but this did not help as the main valve is simply to old. After this was fixed the shower head broke and we saw we had again a water damage at the ceiling from the apartment above… a never-ending story (finally our landlord promised to renovate the bathroom within the next 6 month – we will see).

ida dress for dinosaurs 1.png

But back to something much lovelier: dresses, dinosaurs and old skeletons :-D
Wait, you will say, why isn’t she writing about sewing? Because I must make a detour over Frankfurt before I tell you about the beautiful Ida dress from Rosa P. But naturally you can simply skip my story and jump to the heading ‘Ida Dress’.

Our plan for Frankfurt was to visit every available museum and botanical garden. Top on the list were the MMK and the Schirn. Both are exhibitions for contemporary art and both - tada!!! - were closed. Maybe we should have researched beforehand. Ok, on to the Chinese garden – you can imagine what happened – closed because of arson. Next step the famous Senkenberg Museum and this (hold your breath) was open :-DDD

ida dress for dinosaurs 2.png

Surrounded by dinosaur skeletons (super big), ancient seahorses (super small) and moose (super fluffy) we rediscovered the diverse flora and fauna of prehistoric times. As the air was very bad in the museum we decided to walk home - now you know how I got my 18.000 steps per day - and this led us through the centre of Frankfurt. And there I saw this cute dress from Zara which I instantly wanted to make. My theory is, that the dinosaurs subconsciously tele commanded me to this dress :-D

ida dress for dinosaurs 3.png

Back home I remembered one of my oldest fabric purchases: a dark woven fabric with a subtle burgundy stripe. This fabric was destined to be my dress-test-fabric and the dress I wanted to test is the Ida dress from Rosa P. because it was so like the one from Zara. And more over her patterns have a reputation to be very precise and easy to make (the reputation is true – loved it).

The Ida Dress
I have chosen the size 42 with some trepidation, as I am much curvier on the backside than Rosa herself who models the dresses in her book (and looks amazing in them). I traced the pattern, cut it out from the fabric and followed her directions to the word. Step one was finishing the fabric, then I closed the shoulder seams. The first mistake I made – and I write it down to remember it for the next Ida dress I absolutely will make – I forgot to add the seam allowance to the facing: ugh! I had to rip the facing out and start anew. Ok, learned for the next time. Sewing in the facing to the neckline was a bit trickier for me, but I got it done. Last step for the upper part was closing the side seams. Everything done I tried the bodice on and it was very generous.

ida dress for dinosaurs 4.png

On to the skirt part. Here I deviated from her directions. Instead of starting with the pockets, I sewed the skirt to the bodice, as I wanted to know if the dress will fit. And it fit so-so…. I had guessed right; my backside was interfering with the drape. I had big wrinkles above my bum (wahhhhhhhhhhh). As the dress is worked without a zipper, inserting darts were no option, as they would have made the dress too narrow to put in on. So, I shortened the bodice about 5 cm hoping it would help and it did (jippppyyyy).

ida dress for dinosaurs 5.png

After fitting the dress, I tackled the next big unknown for me: the pockets. And surprisingly it went well. The pockets are big rectangles, which are seamed, folded and then sewn on at the sides.
Now my dress is finished, and I love it so much. The length is to my liking, it is wide and comfortable, I had fun to make it and I also learned to sew simple pockets. A big thank you to Rosa P. for her wonderful pattern book.

ida dress for dinosaurs 6.png

And look the little dinosaur we adopted at the Senkenberg Museum also approves :-D
And If you ask who is the blue fellow? He is my beloved headache-eater which I got as a gift from my husband <3

Thank you @crosheille and @crystalize for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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Great sewing, great dress and great explanation. I think forgetting a seam allowance or sewing wrong sides together are mistakes every sewer does at least once ;)

Of course I immediately went to rosa p.'s page and what did I see? Someone modeling a half finished sock. Yeah - sock knitters are everywhere!

I love the headache eater! A friend of mine had a water battle with a cover with a grumpy monster face on it called "Gorge" because it should gobble up all pain and aches :)

Thank you so much for the compliment <3 But the annoying part is, that I seem to make a stupid mistake with every project... Either I am to inattentive or I the sewing is fighting me actively 😅
And yes, I also discovered she has knitting patterns and is on ravelry. I think it is her leg with the half-finished sock :-D I am surrounded by sock knitters (not sure if I should run or capitulate)

sits there, petting the white longhair cat and smiling diabolically


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you can imagine what happened – closed because of arson

I never imagined that! You remind me that I must do my research before I spend a couple of days in London in November. It would be heartbreaking if everywhere was closed. I would be forced to spend my time in cafes knitting. Tragic.
I like the dress - there is another one in the same book with a big collar, I like that, too. You were so brave making the bodice shorter, what a great idea. I would have simply put it to sleep under the bed.
Hope your water problems are soon sorted, those kinds of things can be a real drag. The headache eater is a good idea :)

I made this photo through the fence. You can see that a bit of the roof of the left building is collapsed. The wooden construction of this house was burned 😱
And yes knitting... I may have started a new project in Frankfurt. I blame the disappointment about the closed museums 😊.
And with the dress: I already know from another sewing project that I have strange proportions, a very short torso. So, I guessed that cutting may help. I also thought, that through cutting the wider part of the skirt will sit higher and there will be more room for my backside :-D Currently I am pondering to make the skirt part even wider and gather it, but I have never done this before and improvising does not always lead to good results .... (you see me turning my gaze shamefully down because of so many mistakes I made while improvising)
I remember the dress/coat with the collar ( And I love it. This was the main reason why I bought the book. But it is still too complicated for.
The bathroom feels better - meaning no more running water out of the wall, but it is still in need of a renovation.

  ·  last year (edited)

Improvising is a great way to learn, I admire your courage! I was looking to see if the book was in English, but no. Although I should be able to draft a pattern at my sewing class. That was the plan. I found an A3 sketchbook at the Show for my fashion (haha) work. Thank goodness for knitting to console us x
Congratulations on your curie vote!

Thank you <3 And I am so happy with the vote, as I have headaches since Sunday and writing was absolutely no fun.
With the book: yes, sorry it is German, but you are right, the pattern is very simple. I already made a very similar dress from an English pattern book, but this dress has darts and is a bit more fitted. But I think the book is a nice one: Whelan, Tanya, Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time
And I am looking forward to your creations; A3 is a proper book :-D

So sorry about your water problems...Yikes!

I am so glad you all had fun and enjoyed the museum visit! It’s so cool you left with some inspiration and look at you...made the dress already! Wow you’re fast! You are so cute and the dress is darling on you! I could actually understand your sewing language lol. I knew the words darts and seam allowance!! 😃

I like your flowery straight pins! I love the headache eater! What a great gift from your husband. 😊

Uhhh thank you so much for all the compliments. ❤️❤️❤️ It is so nice to hear that you like the dress (because as always, I firstly was so happy and now the doubts are creeping in) But I have to admit, I am not fast, as I had the pattern already cut out before we went to Frankfurt.
And with the sewing language :-D Perhaps we will all develop a kind of secret language if we write long enough for #needleworkmonday.
But naturally you are right, sewing or knitting and crochet have a real technical language which is not always intuitive. I often must look up vocabulary as the words are completely different in German. And after writing so often in English it happens that I am going into a fabric store and tell the shop assistent 'Leider verstehe ich nicht wie ich die darts nähen soll' (I am so sorry, but I do not understand how I should work the darts) The word in German should have been 'Abnäher', so they look at me as if I am super crazy 😅
Bathroom is working again, but the Landlord must still renovate...

Haaa I like that...

Perhaps we will all develop a kind of secret language if we write long enough for #needleworkmonday.

That is so hilarious! I really hadn’t thought about how difficult it must be for you and others to write and communicate in English. You do so well as I always understand you ;)

Yay for the bathroom!!!!

Oh dear, did the water problem happen while you guys were away? Luckily it was in the bathroom, where water can just flow away properly and not flood anywhere else.
That aside, I 😍 the dress!! It looks so comfy!! I like the fabric and the drape! You are so brave to attempt the dress. It looks very good on you too!
I 😍 cookie monster!!!!!! So sweet of your husband to gift it to you to chew away your headache :)
And gorgeous photos of Frankfurt :) Holidays are so nice.. Aaaaahh...

No, the problem occurred before the holiday. But we were so unnerved that we simply drove away :-D But we were also a bit clever as we cut of the water completely before going on the holiday, so no water damage in our absence :-D
The comfort was my main reason to try this dress. I thought it will be great for fall or winter with a thick turtleneck pullover and leggings. I am right now planning to sew another one. And yes, I feel brave :-D And it so nice to hear that you think it looks ok on me (as i doubt everything - sigh) ❤️❤️
And with my little monster... yes, I love it and I can imagine it is not easy for my husband: seeing someone you love being in pain and being unable to help, no good feeling.
And with Frankfurt: the holidays were beautiful, great weather and a wonderful time with my husband, but I must admit: Frankfurt will not be my favourite town. Although I made some nice photos which I will hopefully share next week. We went into the botanical garden and it was a flower explosion 😍😍

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah that was a good move to cut the water supply before going on the holiday! :)
Oo I agree, the dress would go very well with turtleneck and leggings 😍 like how you wore it! Yes, you are a confident and beautiful lady, don't ever doubt that. Unlike me, who haven't found the courage to post a photo of myself hahahah. All you will ever see of me are my hands and feet XD.
I hope Cookie Monster is taking good care of you :) Your husband is really sweet. I love seeing the both of you together in photos and the video!! :)
Oh wow... botanical garden and flower explosion sounds lovely. Looking forward to it :)

Hands and feet are perfect too :-D
But me posting so many photos has a kind of serious background, as I always think women who get older dissapear from screan and media. I do not want this. In my opinion men and women are important independent from age, race, religion, health, appearance, wealth and so on. I hope sometimes a good mixture of all kinds of people will be represented on the media.

A headache eater? I need one too! :) I will ask my husband to get me one then.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that almost all museums were closed in Frankfurt. But you learned that next time it will be better to check it before hand.

What a lovely dress! I like that you didn't buy it but you decided to sew it yourself. It suits you very well, I must say :) And you present it in an adorable and funny way :)

Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

Oh nooo, you have also headaches/migraines? So sorry to hear, I really hate these headaches and I always hope other people do not also have them. They are so limiting. I hope you get your special headache eater ❤️
I never would have believed that museums could be closed in such a big town as Frankfurt... very strange. But you are right, next time: research :-D
And thank you so much for the compliment, as I am always insecure if I am looking ok in handmade items (I know the photos do not project these insecurities, I think) ❤️❤️

That's the problem with sewing, @neumannsalva : there are always adjustments to be made to the patterns ... and it's so hard to adjust things for oneselves !
I like your dress very much and if it's got pockets all the better :D Thanks for the links too... I'm going there now...
I love museums too; we went to a museum the other day and the 'main exhibition' wasn't available that day !!

I find adjusting also very tough and I have often problems to visualize the three-dimensionality of the garment. And my body is also very three-dimensionality at its backside 😅😅😅. I often love the appearance of a pattern but making it looking good at oneself... argh. I hope it is a learning process.
And with the museum: it seems the museums are collectively misbehaving. Main exhibition closed does not sound too good. May I ask what you could have seen?

I totally sympathise re the 'three-dimensionality', @neumannsalva.
The museum is showing the work of Margaret Jones, a famous illustrator :

The exhibition should have been open to the public when we went but it wasn't ... It's a long way to go there but we'll try to make an effort as it 's worth the trek.

Thank you for the link, I will research her, as I did not know her before (I am not very learned with illustrations) Hopefully it is open the next time, and perhaps you can get a nice catalogue :-D

The storytelling event sounds very interesting!!!...but I just read it was two days ago

  ·  last year (edited)

An adventure where inspiration strikes is good but I am sad that the museums and garden were closed. Glad you had a chance to visit the one that was open.
Great dress! Love the pockets and the headache eater!
Hopefully your landlord will get the water issues fixed soon!

Thankfully we could visit more museums, I will write about it perhaps next Monday. But my husband was a bit disappointed as he was so looking forward to the Museum of modern art. The whole town was not too welcoming, but this may have been only in my head. After our visit in Lüttich in May which I soooo loved, all other towns have a hard time to please me 😆
And with the bathroom... it is better (useable) but we are still waiting for a renovation.
And pockets are the best (bigger = better)

haha! howdy from Texas neumannsalva! what a fun post, ya'll are just a little bit crazy which I like! lol. I'm glad the dinosaurs tele commanded you to do that dress! lol.
This is a great post, do you do alot of posts about museums and that messed up your posting plans? I hope the landlord comes through for you!

Uhhh happy you liked the post :-D But the museum disaster was a first. We never had such bad luck with opening hours... I did not write it in the post, but the botanical garden (Palmengarten) we visited had also closed most of its greenhouses because of renovation. Strange was, we asked for this at the entrance because we were already alerted from the other closed museums, but they told us all is well... yeah... not really…
Nevertheless, the rest of the garden was amazing :-D

howdy again neumansalva! I understand and thanks for your reply. Well there's always next time!

That dress is adorable. Now I want one!

THank you so much <3 <3 And if you like it, then go for it. I am a beginner in sewing and I think this dress is not to complicated :-D As I have written above to @shanibeer (I do not know if you understand German) I also have used an English book with a very similar dress pattern: Whelan, Tanya, Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time

Ahhhh Frankfurt and its closed museums...
But all ended well with those dinosaurs teleporting you to that dress! I love it, it looks like a dress you can dress up or down, and wear it for any occasion.
Isn't it great to find some old fabrics lying around in the closet and finally do something with them?
I love your dancing pictures :DDD

Thank youuuuu 😘
And yes, the dinosaurs were really helpful :-D
The dress pattern is so versatile, I thought about making another dress, but this time with a slightly gathered skirt part. In a brown corduroy, so less formal. I would like to wear it with brightly colored pullovers beneath - but I first must knit these 😆😆

Great plans! I love the combination of darker together with very bright colours, especially in winter, cheers me up :-)

That dress was a lot of work, but it looks like it was rewarding. I wish you luck with your other challenges.

THank you <3 I am already planning to make another of theses dresses. I already bought the fabric :-D

You are so talented. I enjoy your sense of humor too.
We need repairs on our bathroom too. It seems that is a problem for our landlord also.

uhhh thank you so much for the compliments... but I fear more humor than talent on my side (I still make so stupid mistakes while sewing, you wouldn't believe)
And these bathroom issues are 💩 I hope yours get fixed soon.

We went through that already see the incredibly old post with a
we need a new shower stall and our bathroom is so small. True story: One of the reasons we got the place is the people wanting it, well the man was too big to get in the bathroom.

Hi neumannsalva,

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Thank you so much for choosing my post and for your continously work on selecting good content <3

Thanks for sharing @neumannsalva! I am not much of a seamstress but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I think you are very funny! You made me laugh several times. I could imagine every word you were saying as if I was watching a video. And that's what I think, you should make some videos about the dresses you make!

And just as a side note, I can't tell you how many times I've failed to check the schedule for museums and showed up to locked doors. I feel your pain. Imagine showing up at the Louvre to discover it was closed. I've done this. It's the worst hahahaha

Thanks again for sharing. I think the cookie monster head goes well with your dress and your beautiful personality. Cheers!

Thank you so much for your comment: I love it <3
But believe me, nobody wants to hear me speak my gruesome English aloud. I do not have a nice accent, like French or Italian people have... no my mother tongue is German, so nothing nice in my English 😱😱 Perhaps I could make videos for people who want to vomit.... or I need synchronisation 😆
And with the museums: LOUVREEEE Oh my god. I think I would have had a meltdown. This is no fun at all. In my view museums should not be allowed to close their doors! I remember an initiative in Italy (I studied there for a short period) which was called 'a night at the museum' and all the institutions were open till midnight. I went with a good friend into the archaeological museum in Florence at night and it was so special and a bit of eerie - to see mummies and Etruscan child sarcophagi at night.

I'm just saying, Americans love the German accent. And, for all that it's worth, I was once married to an authentic German born woman. So I am very certain there would be no vomiting. Although that made me laugh out loud HAHAHAHA

Your English is much better than my German! I can count to twelve, I can say "the apple is on the table" and a few other useless words. And then of course I know one dirty phrase but I will have to keep that to myself LOL

Visiting a museum at night actually sounds pretty cool, especially to see mummies. But I have to agree, it probably would be super creepy or eerie. I think that's awesome, a night at the museum! Like the movie 😂 that's an experience I think I'd like to have one day.

Missing the Louvre was a definite bummer but I was lucky enough to go inside a year later on my second trip to Paris.

Well video or no video, keep up the great content and never lose that amazing sense of humor. Cheers!

Ohhh I alway assumed Germans sound like Nazi villains ....
And with the dirty phrase - now I am kind of curious (or not?) :-DDD
And good to hear you made it into the Louvre. I still don't know Paris, and it must be amazing.

Hahahahahaha I mean I guess there is that side of things but it's definitely not the first thing I think of. I think most Americans love it because it sounds so different than what they're use to hearing. I know personally it is one of my favorite accents and I don't really associate it with Nazi's ;-)

Go to Paris if you ever get the chance! The Louvre is SO massive it requires multiple days to see it all. Cheers!

That's so creative of you to make something like that. I've never tried making my own costume before but it looks so fun to make one. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Thank you <3 But the fun comes mostly a bit belated :-DDDD While sewing I have high blood pressure because I always fear I destroy the fabric :-D

Your beloved headache eater got my attention.
And you did a really great needle work.
This the first time I'm really your post and I must say I envy your needle work, will try see if I can create something with needle also.

Thank you so much for the compliment. But there is nothing to be envious. I am still a beginner (I think I am better in faking nice photos than in sewing 😆)
It would be great to have you with us an #needleworkmonday. Looking forward to your projects :-)

Thanks for the encouragement.

So that are the dinos you send me picture off :)
Well, my dear, when you travel somewhere it's essential to do the research, but now you learned ..Or call me nerd, but I prepare my trips month ahead, yes nerd :)
Dress is cute, but more cute are you in your creations @neumannsalva.

Naturally you are rigth, but the idea that a museum (not to mention several) could be closed in such a big town like Frankfurt never crossed my mind. Now I have learned (or so I hope).
And thank you so much for your compliment, as I always doubt if it is ok to wear the things I make, or if I am to old, to ugly, or or or or insert anything... I am my own super critic - sigh.

And with the dino. It was sooooo big. And they had a sceleton from one even bigger in the inside, but I could not take a good photo of this one (because it was so big)
20181019_123656650_iOS (2).jpg
This was one try to make a intersting photo of this super big dinosaur.

Wow, the belly of the beast :))

The dress is so nice! After I followed your toaster sweater, miette and now I want to have a winter dress :)

Thank you so much ❤️ and I belive the dress would look amazing on you (and remembering your linnen dress, I think you can draft the pattern for the Ida dress easily) And winter dresses are the best, together with a turtleneck pullover and woolen thights ...

We have to work on handmade fashion contest once you wrote about :) (but rest & recovery first! :D)

If i would say it is one of the messier day then I wont be wrong....with hayware travel plan to franfurt where nothing is accesible for the dat except the dinosaur. It happens many a times that our plan did not work out properly....but at the same time i see it you discovering the dress for yourself. looks better than zara....steem on...and thanks for the lovely share

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Thank you so much for commenting and the compliment. But I must admit, not all art museums were closed. The Städel Museum was open, I only kept quit about this one, for the dramatic effect :-D

I hope your plumbing problems will be repaired soon. And that dinasour skeleton is amusing! That's Elmo you're carrying, right?

On top of those, your Ida dress looks perfectly. You look lovely in it. Do you really prefer dark colors? I just noticed that... How long did it take you to finish the dress?

uhhhh thank you so much for the compliments ❤️❤️❤️ And no I also love bright colors, but then I think they do not suit me and I end in something darker. And with the fabric (and its colors) I use I am a bit restricted as I mostly use fabric from the scrap/bargain box in our fabric shop, because fabric is super expensive here. If I could I think I would love things in teal, mustard, pink or a dark brown-red :-D
And I was not fast on the dress (but someone who is no beginner can do it in a day I think) I divided the process: one day I traced the pattern and cut the fabric and stared to finish the fabric. Then I sewed everything. The finishing touches as sewing the bottom seam was on the third day.
Do you like to sew yourself ?
And the bathroom is better :-D My husband repaired the shower, but the rest should be done by the landlord...

I would love a dark brown - red combination or the shade of maroon. I actually bought one.

Yes, I like sewing though I am not an expert one. Unfortunately too, my sewing machine broke few months ago. I am yet to find someone to repair it.

I think you are still fast to finish a dress in three days. I am also not an expert and it would take me longer to fin8sh a whole dress. My biggest challenge is on the measuring and cutting the fabric. There were instances when I cut short and ended up with a small outfit for someone else. 😄

It's good that your bathroom is better now. 😊

oh nooo, broken sewing machine is no fun. I hope it is not too expensive to repair it.
And for me the measurements/fit of the garments are also a big obstacle. I think my proportions are seldom met in bought patterns (but perhaps nobody has an 'easy' figure). I always have to adjust so many things, and I find this really tough.
Dark brown red sounds wonderfully <3 I have a dark brown corduroy in my stash and I am thinking of making another Ida Dress, but this time with a gathered skirt part.
Perhaps you will write about your dress, that would be lovely <3

It is the hinge of the machine that is broken so it is totally detached from its casing and the wheel. I bought it more than a decade ago so I guess the damage is due to age already. Yes, I also hope it won't cost that much and I hope its parts are still available in shops.

Oh, write about my maroon dress? Hhmmm... I bought it so there is not much to say about its creation. Let me see if I can find my photos when I first wore it. Maybe I can use those for a post. 😊

It sounds exciting to see your next sewn dress. 😉

hahahahaha the first part of your publication narrando lo de la regadera should be heard with the following musical background.

that fascinating the museum of dinosaurs, unfortunately in my country the dinosaurs became oil xD. I wish there was a museum of dinosaurs to appreciate the live prehistory.

I read the whole publication together with my wife who is beginning to make her own dresses, I like very much the colors and cuts of the dresses, the designs in my country (Venezuela) usually are with very loud and fluorescent colors, but as I have family in Chile that is influenced much by the German culture, the colors of clothes are more brown, dark blues and greys, to me in particular I like those colors for the clothes.

after the whole journey of walking so much and that the dysnosaurios commissioned you the dress, it was worth it. you notice your dexterity and ease to make patterns and sew quickly. which hands so wonderful.

By the way tell your husband that he has a nice beard. send it to say another bearded.

greetings <3 peace and love

I directly relayed your compliments to my husband... who encounters normally more negative comments about his beard (perhaps his colleagues are a bit prissy :-D)
And I loved your comment. I so can envision us running headless around the bathroom while hearing the Benny Hill theme. Perfect 😆😆😆
And I am curious what your wife will sew. Does she have an account on steemit? Perhaps she wants to share her creations with the @needleworkmonday community? And believe me, my sewing is neither fast nor easy. If you could see me while sewing... I only say: sweat, swearing and a lot of mistakes 😱
And with the regional color schemes, this is really fascinating. Perhaps much is affected by the weather and by religious traditions.
Thank you for your lovely and funny comment and greats back from my husband

Thank you so much for giving my congratulations to your bearded husband. I'm bearded too. so he's one of mine. xD

I chose the subject because it was recurrent to use it in the theater where I was formed for puppet play, I was made but at the level of dolls osea costumes for puppets, I am not very good but I do what I can.

My wife will sew for the moment, Asian fashion for which she is in love and also make jeans and other garments that for the Venezuelan economy is extremely expensive, this arose more as a need than passion, although one of my wife's dreams was to have a brand of clothing, since very small and now is fulfilling that goal.

She has a page but has only published once and her theme is more of recycling garbage to be adapted as home decorations. I will tell you so you know that there is a community that values sewing, maybe encouraged. she read the post with me and saw your dress, she loved it.

if the strident colors and floral fabrics and vegetable motifs comes from the African and indigenous part. many colors. definitely is the clothing of many pagan religions. to me in particular I would like to make designs that have to do with that ethnic theme and the influence of Africa in my country.

greetings, good that you liked my comment hashashahs, I'm following you any doubt on how my wife could participate I'll let you know by discord. you use it?

Theatre!!! Puppets that sounds amazing. I live not far away from the German Puppet Theatre Forum
I participated once with a layered dance film

Now I will research you :-D

And with your wife: wow! Her own fashion brand, this is really great. But I imagine it also needs much work and dedication. I wish you both success!!! Here fashion is super cheap and its sometimes it is more expensive to make it by hand, than to buy it. But this cheap fashion is also an ecological disaster...
And yes, I am on discord and the needlework community is also on discord. I am not sure how to invite you/your wife, but our moderator @muscara will know.

This will get you to the entrance of the Steemitmama's Discord where we live - just follow the instructions from there.

oh oh my dear !!! it's terrible to come home hoping to take a break from the road and see the flood in the apartment. I sympathize with you very much !!!! I congratulate you on your new dress !!!! wonderful!!!! you have a funny blue dinosaur :) I'm sorry that you and your husband were not lucky with the museums where you wanted to go. it is unpleasant. but I hope you enjoyed walking together :)

No fear, the water damage was already there before we went to Frankfurt, so we could prevent a bigger disaster. Nevertheless, it was no fun being back form the holiday and not having a usable bathroom.
And thank you so much for the compliments, I still love the dress and I am thinking of making another one with a different skirt pattern (perhaps gathered).
And the museums... very strange, I never encountered this situation before. Thankfully there were more museums we could visit, so the holiday was very nice.

It's splendid not just cool!

Thank you <3 Do you also like to craft?

If i would say it is one of the messier day then I wont be wrong....with hayware travel plan to franfurt where nothing is accesible for the dat except the dinosaur. It happens many a times that our plan did not work out properly....but at the same time i see it you discovering the dress for yourself. looks better than zara....steem on...and thanks for the lovely share

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