NeedleworkMonday: Pimping a water bottle [Eng/Ger]

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Bottle cosy

The summer is over but even now I rarely leave the house without a bottle of water. But we all know how the evaporative cooling makes the outside of a container wet. That's not good for books or cell phones or project bags - things I regularly carry in the bag. I have a thermo mug (which would work) but as you can't really clean cheap thermo mugs it is a quite expensive one. And since I'm stingy I only use it for hot drinks. So I decided to simply make a cover for the cheap water bottle I use.

The bottle is of a store bought "flavoured water" beverage which I tend to buy every now and then when I forgot to bring my bottle or when the old bottle is damaged. I use left overs of a simple cotton yarn (what we call 'potholder yarn' in Germany) and started crocheting a chain, closing it and making the double amount of double crochets (all crochet terms are UK) into the loop, not the chain stitches.

Now I simply worked in the round (2n row every 2nd stitch doubled, 3rd row every 3rd stitch etc.) with double crochets till it was the size of the bottle bottom. The next row were slip stitches and then, well - I don't know an English name. It is a double crochet but I don't work into the top of the stitch of the row before but into the stitch itself. "Between the legs" was how it was explained to me. That makes a really firm and dense fabric and looks a bit like it was knitted.

Left image is of the right side, right image is of the back side. I use the bottle cover inside out because the one row of slip stitches make this nice edge between bottle bottom and side. In the left image the yellow stitches and the rows below and above show the "knit" stitches. They slant a bit to the left but I like the optic of it.

After some rows I started to make chains which I plan to do till the "shoulder" of the bottle. There I plan to make double crochet again with small holes in it to pull a cord through. I will show you a picture of the finished bottle cover later.


Zwischendurch trinken ist wichtig - aber wenn man eine Flasche mit gekühltem Inhalt, und wenn es nur Wasser aus der Leitung ist, in eine Tasche mit Papieren, Handy oder Stricksachen packt dann wird durch die Verdunstungskälte alles unangenehm nass. Man kann natürlich Thermosflaschen oder -becher nehmen, aber die sind schwer und für den Alltagsgebrauch als Wasserflasche ist mir mein guter Thermobecher zu schade. Also bin ich jetzt dabei mir aus Resten von Topflappengarn einen "Überzieher" für eine einfache Plastikflasche zu häkeln.

What's on my needles

  • The green-blue and yellow socks are finished and will soon be on their way to my sister.
  • I have to admit I didn't work a lot on my scarf - still only 43 cm :(
  • I started a new "mindless knitting" project: a simple rectangle shawl knit lengthwise, 360 stitches in a row. So far only 6 rows in so not a lot to show. It's quite a fancy yarn of which I bought three skeins when I saw them in the bargain bin in my local yarn shop.


I just remembered last week's post by @phoenixwren about an upcycling contest. Does a bottle cosy count? Then this post is my entry ;)

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Hallo Lieber Steemit Blogger ,
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Mit Freundlichen grüßen @avizor


Nice idea... Regards

Hallo ich bin Mikrobi,

dein Beitrag hat mir sehr gut gefallen und du bekommst von mir Upvote.
Ich bin ein Testbot, wenn ich alles richtig gemacht habe, findest du deinen Beitrag in meinem Report wieder.



What a wonderful idea! I also take a bottle (stainless steel) of water with me everywhere I go to stay hydrated on the road. I love the idea of making a cozy for a regular bottle of water. The thought never occurred to me. Great inspiration!

Crochetrrific and colourful bottle cosy...nice and really necessary for us to have one we can carry when we are out, next project...

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Nette Idee - das ist etwas für einsame Winterabende ;-) Mal schaun...

Hello @muscara, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

That's a really good idea, @muscara.

I wonder whether or not you will be making a strap for your bottle carrier like @marblely's design :

I keep wanting to make one but then I get distracted :D

Something like that - though her's is much nicer than mine will be ;) I think I'll just make a cord with my Wonder Knitter with the remaining yarn.

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Such a useful idea - for hot and cold drinks! I like the colours and the nice dense fabric.

Lovely project and this will be also helpful for my tea bottle, which is beautiful but not isolated, meaning: when I put something hot inside, I cannot touch it :-DD
And I also use the emsa cup, but only for coffee...

Great idea!! Yes it’s definitely not good to get your books and cell phone wet. I love the colors and stitches you chose. Thank you for sharing this idea with us! Fun fun fun! 😃

I love the "what's on my needles" part! That's a great way to say unfinished projects or what I'm doing! Super creative. Great idea to make a cozy for your water bottle! I carry a Kleen Kanteen and it has a knit cover over it, but I didn't make it. :)

I have to admit I borrowed the term from the video blog of The Bakery Bears :)

Sure! I am putting together the Cat Judging now. You're in! I'm glad I saw the mention though - next time be sure to share your link on the contest post so I don't miss it! :)

great idea.. i was planning to make like this one before but i just dont have the idea how is it done..thanks for sharing

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Yay to bottle covers @muscara! It is so fun and easy to carry bottles around with it. It is cool that you come up with your own pattern. I love the colour choices. Think it is time for me to make another one with your pattern :) Thank you for sharing! (Sorry, took me a while to upvote.. was waiting to recharge - sigh, this VP goes down so fast but recharges so slowly! 🐌 But even at almost 100% VP, the value still doesn't make a dent to your post earning :( Sorry.)

very interesting idea! I want to see the finished project. colors are beautiful! autumn bottle will please you with brightness☺