Why I LOVE #needleworkmonday, A Steemit Community.

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I've been on Steemit for six months now, and have been able to fall into a pretty good rhythm of writing and commenting, on an almost daily basis.

I've been enjoying coming up with my own writing topics, and solidifying my steemit writing voice.

IMG_3247.jpegGrandma made dresses for barbies. In the back, you can see my couch cover that I made from my mom's scraps. I can make 10 of these and still have yarn for years.

But I didn't have this confidence when I just started.

Even though I have been a writer all my life, the idea of writing on a blockchain (you can't delete after SEVEN DAYS!) was scary for me. Then there was also the learning curve that came with writing for steemit. There was so much information everywhere, that my brain felt a little bit swollen for a few months.

snow white .jpgmy mom's crochet snow white dress, made for a princess themed party

If it wouldn't have been for communities like #needleworkmonday, I would not have been able to build my confidence, audience, and sense of community.

#needleworkmonday is one of those communities that mirrors real life. There are half finished projects, projects-gone-wrong, projects the have no purpose except for existing, projects that tell stories (in chapters), up cycled projects, and lots and lots of really nice, supportive people.

I love posting on a given monday, and knowing that other needleworkers are going to come say hello in my post.

IMG_8228.JPGtiny little easter baskets she made for me. She makes big ones for the grandkids, and small little ones for her own adult children. You can see her table cloth right under there, its crochet too - made for her by a dear friend.

Two needleworkers who have made an impact on me are @neumannsalva and of course @crosheille.

@neumannsalva has a certain flavor when showing off her work, that makes her posts just as artistic as her work. You get to see a whole story of the needles and yarns along with the personality that comes with it. There's something pleasing about watching her enjoy herself while showing off her work. It makes me want to crochet stuff so that I can go take fun pictures! She needleworks for herself and I love her for it.

IMG_8229.JPGvest and skirt combination made for my middle child

@crosheille is just an all around beam of light shining bright enough to guide the rest of us. Its fun to watch her work. She's on discord, creating communities, home-schooling kiddos, making new ones, and keeping a light happy smile the whole time. She lets herself try new things, she puts herself out there, and she leads by example.

IMG_0763.jpegtiny little baby cardigan

I recommend anyone who likes working with needles (I haven't seen any tattoos I don't think, which would be a really cool addition) and is on steemit to join the growing community.

For those who run out of writing topics, its a fun way to share a story. For those who are writing at a certain rhythm, it helps you stop and reflect on your work here on steemit.

IMG_2652.JPGhats and lots of hats

Steemit is a social media platform. You must be social to succeed! Might as well be social with people who have similar hobbies as you.

IMG_0730.jpegfor the boy too. She likes to let them choose their color combinations. This chocolate hat happened because I wouldn't give him chocolate one day, so grandma made him a chocolate hat he can have whenever he wants

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today. Ive peppered this blog post with some of my mom's crochet work. She is not a needleworker on steemit, but she is my favorite needleworker.

If you are a Mama blogger on steemit, and would love to join a community of mamas on discord, click on the banner below! Don't know what discord it? Ask in the comments.


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Very nice!
I can crochet, but ive not ventured much passed just doing some decorative flowers.
These are fantastic pieces!

I like making decorative flowers too. Those and fairy dresses are my specialty :)

Great post with lots of fun pictures. It is nice to have family who love making and crafting together!

Thanks for stopping by :)

I'm not a needleworker but I'm saying "hello"
These needle work are so amazing

Thank you. Your comments are always appreciated.

  ·  last year (edited)

Your grandma, your mom and then you, three generation of crocheting skills! You guys do a good job, everything is so lovely , just look at those beautiful kids on those lovely hats. All nice.
Your two needleworkers are definitely people worth mentioning. @newmannsalva is definitely a flavour person and @crosheille surely goes all out and puts herself there. They have made a mark on the needlework platform and I am glad that I'm not the only one who was touched. Great write up

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words.

I enjoy the community here, even if I don't participate every Monday. I like looking through the tag and catching all the interesting pictures.

I really liked the way that you presented all the beautifully made crocheted goodies @metzli !

Thank you! Id been looking for an excuse to show off some of my mom's work.

After reading your posts lately I have been wondering if you had experience in writing before. It seems each article you post, you draw me in more. You are such a fantastic writer and I see you going really far here on Steemit and making a huge impact as you already are.

I LOVE how you added crochet pieces from your mother’s collection. She is sooooo talented, her stitch work is Amazing!!! I love all of the pieces equally!!!! I’ll have to show my daughter the Barbie outfit because her Barbies needs more clothing. Instead of us going out to buy more maybe we can make more together! Thanks for the project idea! 😃👌🏽 Oh and that was so funny about your son’s chocolate hat!! So cute!! 😅

You are so sweet and thank you so much for the kind sweet words you used to describe me! I really get great joy in connecting with you all and spreading my love around to each of you! I love our little extended family we have built and I love seeing so many friendships developing right here on Steemit!! Thank you for being here and for the positive influence you bring and for giving others the motivation to write valuable content!

Thanks for joining in the challenge!!! 💕

And thank YOU! for all those wonderful compliments.

Im loving my time her on steemit.

You are Absolutely welcome ~ 💓

Love it!
I enjoy crocheting too, but I haven't done it in forever... I wonder if I can still find my hooks...

Did you see the post from another steemit mamá that used chopsticks as knitting needles? Come in @squishysquid, join one of these weeks.

No! I must havve missed it!
I need to for sure... I have just been so busy lately! We spent all morning working on putting up the pool, and cutting down 2 trees and feeding the leaves to the goats. Its one thing after another... Ill have to make time for it soon though!

What a wonderful post, @metzli! All of the work from your family is just gorgeous and the doll clothes are do die for! e are so thrilled to have you here in our wonderful #NeedleworkMonday group. Smiles!

Thank you for being so welcoming :)

Your (and your mom's) crochet pieces, you and your family are beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us your story. I couldn't agree more how amazing #NeedleWorkMonday has been for us. This is so cute "This chocolate hat happened because I wouldn't give him chocolate one day, so grandma made him a chocolate hat he can have whenever he wants" What a good idea! 😁

Lol. He’s a sweet boy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate you ❤️

The snowwhite dress and the top wear and skirt of the 4th photos are soooo soooo cute

Hey my moms loving all these compliments. Lol.

Very beautiful needlework and I know where you get your talent from!! I love the vest and skirt your middle child has and the Snow White dress your mum made. I am not a needlework person or I have never tried but I sure enjoy looking at these wonderful photos of your artwork as well as your mum's and grandma's. Lovely, @metzli! 💕

Thank you for the compliments. The list and skirt is my daughters favorite.

Hi @metzli. I love your post, it transmits magic ... Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience. let's continue showing our passion for crochet, let's continue enjoying this wonderful community. A great greeting

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment :)


Wonderful post on why you love SteemIt..There are so many communities on here that I like; and I like hosts that visit people who posted in that area.

#Needleworkmonday is new to me, but every week can't wait for it to come around. It also helps motivating me to finish my projects for "show and tell", lol...

I like how it helps keep the needles moving.