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RE: Who wants to knit the second sock? Sock knitting, children’s games and racism

I noticed that the toe of your sock has that square shape too. I thought that I had done something wrong when I saw that the shape of my toe was square. As I learn and continue to knit, I believe that I can change the shape of the toe so that it is more rounded. My crocheted slippers have a rounded toe that I am used to.

I live and face racism on a regular basis unfortunately. The effects of being mistreated because of your skin color is something that you never forget even if you forgive the perpetrator.


I am sorry to hear that you are still in 2019 confronted with racism (I have studied history and I am always amazed how persistent bad human traits and negative developments of society are). And I am not sure how you are able to forgive, but it shows that you are the more resilient and mature and loving person than the perpetrator ...
My husband and I help in an organization who cares for refugees and the open und subtle discriminations they endure when they finally reach Germany and hope to have found a secure haven .... I would lose trust in humans and society, if I were in their position. The discriminations are inside the whole cultural/political system and they do not originate only in extreme persons. As written above, I always hope we will change society for a better (but I am impatient).

And with the socks: I had to smile :-D My first socks (I made for my husband) were super pointy. Like socks for an elf :-DDD And the next one (the pink brown striped) are again so pointy... For the coral ones I modified the toe and casted of earlier and so they look to me more rounded :-DDD


These are my husband’s socks and for this photo (it’s from Christmas) I have already arranged them, that they do not look too pointy (but they are). I casted of at 8 stitches for the toes. And I always worked one knit round between the decrease rounds. I think this could be the mistake... perhaps decreasing faster will lead to a more rounded toe.
But I remember you knit toe up, so all my musings do not really help you.
If you want to try out the cuff down method, Interweave has some variations on the toe

and on this site are also toe up variations mentioned

Thank you. This is very helpful information. I had no idea that there were so many variations on knitting toes.

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