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RE: Who wants to knit the second sock? Sock knitting, children’s games and racism

You have 2 socks. You don't need them to match... just wear the 2 you have! Or make 1 more sock in similar colors and rotate them as needed.

It sucks to have to deal with Racism, I work with so many people who encounter it daily and have had some very educational conversations over the years. One of my coworkers was afraid for her son when he was taking the bus across town to visit his father. The kid is 17 and it turns out that traveling while Black in Chicago is dangerous. I have a couple friends in Chicago who warn me away from certain neighborhoods and areas, but often those are the places that I am going to work in. Privilege is going to those places and not realizing I was even supposed to be worried by being there.


I totally understand what you mean... My husband works in a non-profit organisation which helps refugees, migrants, poor, old etc... and because of this, most of our friends have the same opinion regarding group-focused enmity. Result: I live in a bubble and simply cannot comprehend emotionally (only intellectually) what daily discrimination does to you.

And with the sock... as I wrote to @cryptocariad: I am nearly there :-D At the place of two different socks (no idea why I am so sock-shy)

I had one of my knitting group ladies finish my second sock when I ran into the second sock sucks issue. Maybe send it to someone. 😁

I already contemplated this idea.... but the only friend of mine who knits is Silvia and I already want to bribe her into sewing in yarn ends

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