Amigurumi #21: Tortuga

in needleworkmonday •  6 months ago
Hello Steemianos, I bring the step by step of the turtle elaborated with the technique *Amigurumi*. As you may have noticed, this amigurumi was shown in a previous publication (Amigurumi #5) this time I used cotton yarn and modified the pattern to get the desired size.


  • thread 100% cotton (shades of green, yellow, black and white).
  • crochet N º 0
  • scissors
  • siliconized napa
  • needle

It was divided into four parts for its elaboration: carapace, base of the carapace, neck and head and extremities. Finally there are the details of the shell and the embroidery of the eyes and mouth. The parts are sewn and ready, we already have a tender tortoise.

To make the turtle I used a pattern of its own, guided a referential image.
Until next Steemianos!

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Me encantó, realmente hermoso, la utilizaría para dormir.
¡Tienes una seguidora nueva, que dios cuide tus manos!


Hola, muchas gracias. Esta tortuga quedó curiosa.

Que lindo trabajo, muy delicado.. me encanto!!

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Oh, me alegra que le guste. Gracias por los buenos deseos.

Aaah, they are so cute! Great job, I love it! :D I'm always so impressed by amigurumi.


Thank you, the amigurumis are something special.

Hi, @inici-arte!

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I'll keep that in mind.

Great job. @inici-arte!
I like this turtle in Amigurumi. Cotton gives it a good presentation.
Thanks for sharing!


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