NeedleWork Monday - Traditional Rug Hooking

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On to the next phase of rug hooking... :)

Cozy Fox 1a.jpg


So traditional rug hooking is a bit different than punch needle...

First, the tool is more like a crochet hook.

Cozy Fox 1d.jpg

The medium can be yarn, but it is usually thin strips of wool...and traditional style is hooked from the front.

Cozy Fox 1e.jpg

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The backing fabrics used are the same...though there are choices.

For the punch needle the backing was Monks Cloth, which is a fairly sturdy double weave cloth that held the yarn nicely. Though this piece is on a burlap style which has a more open weave. If you look you can see through it pretty well. I find it stretches more and does not feel so solid...not my favorite so far, but I think the strips of wool will firm it up.

Cozy Fox 1b.jpg

I like that the surface is smoother, which would be good for walking on, vacuuming etc...but then the detail is cut down in designing, and I feel more like I am playing tetras because the direction of the loops matters.

I do like both the yarn and the wool strips in the end, so will work with both I am sure. :)

Cozy Fox 1c.jpg

DQmanT9BssXtJK5FNFdGCVPfDh6zgoiL4sBFVoDQfmXuck1_1680x8400 (1).jpg

The next rug I make will be a 5 foot circle I am designing, with an english ivy border, and a fairy scene in the center. This will be on a third type of backing called Rug Warp, which is a much heavier and quite solid fabric. It really doesn't stretch much which I prefer. And I will be hooking it with yarn, because I will need the detail, and also because a good fabric stripper runs between 300 - 600.00 USD, and about 150.00 for each additional sized blade....not quite in my budget right now, and it would be far too much to cut by hand.

So far I am having a blast learning, and am excited for the next before I finish the current rug, with designs and ideas running through my mind :) I think it is safe to say rug hooking will stick with me, and is worth investing some into for tools and materials!

DQmanT9BssXtJK5FNFdGCVPfDh6zgoiL4sBFVoDQfmXuck1_1680x8400 (1).jpg

Thanks for reading! This is a Steemit original, all words and photos by Elew...

Please check #needleworkmonday to see all of the amazing needlework our fellow Steemians are creating!!


DQmanT9BssXtJK5FNFdGCVPfDh6zgoiL4sBFVoDQfmXuck1_1680x8400 (1).jpg

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That looks beautiful @elew... I have done some rug making before but I am sure I had the thick wool running under the work and the hook above the work so I was just pulling up some loops (what's that style called ?)... My design was 'abstract' because I was learning. Later on I came across locker hooking (?) and that's the one I like most now - have you ever tried it ?


Wow I always learn something new! As I wrote last time, I did not know rug hooking before I read your wonderful post. Now I have a much better understanding of the process and the little hook/punch needle is really cute :-D
Hopefully we get to see the finished rug <3

It's interesting to see the process of making a rug. I would love to try one in the future :)

It's going to be very cute when you're finished! I love the little fox ❤️

and am excited for the next before I finish the current rug, with designs and ideas running through my mind :)

^^^ That's totally me!! (with quilts) 😂 The cozy fox is so cute, and I'll be very interested to see the fairy scene rug you're designing!

This current rug is looking so cute already! I love the cute fox! The process of rug hooking intrigues me and the outcome is so beautiful like a painting.

I am sure looking forward to seeing this one progress as well as the one you are designing in your head lol! 😄 Us women definitely have a million track mind Ha!!! My husband tells me to slow my brain down but I just can’t help it.

Hi @elew, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Fiber Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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I love the fox. :) Did you design it?