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RE: Needlework Monday - New leather and beadwork bags

Oh how I miss you! I’m so glad you dropped by to say hello and share what you’ve been working on! The bag is so beautiful and has so much character! I love the feathers around the beadwork! Maybe you’ll drop in again to show us the one you’re working on once it’s finished.

Thanks for sharing! I know you’re staying busy!


Hey lady :) I hope you are all well <3 Yes, I am super busy as always. I see you made a needlework monday page too, great idea!

All is wolf fur around the beadwork :)

Beaded White Deerskin Shoulder Cross Body bag 1c.jpg

Beaded White Deerskin Shoulder Cross Body bag 1f.jpg

Yes I am doing really well! Yes we have an official communal account now. We are able to get support from the community now and we use the account to fund our challenges and give rewards :D

It’s beautiful! Wow wolf fur! You are full of ideas!