Needlework Monday - SBD GIVEAWAY!!!

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Yep you read the description correctly! It’s time to give away some SBD to some of our needleworkers!!! Lately I have read comments or replies about how #NeedleWorkMonday has helped change someone’s Steemit journey. There has been mention of how it has helped to make great new friendships and connections with people of like interests and that it’s a nice source for receiving craft related suggestions and solutions.

We want to challenge you all to bring all of these wonderful things to the Steemit forefront and share them with everyone! As we continue to invite others to join us we want to highlight the benefits! Besides that, I’m just in the mood to give my needlework friends some extra Love!!! 😘



Requirements for Giveaway

Write a post about:

1) What you love about #NeedleWorkMonday.
2) Name at least two needleworkers that have made an impact on you and why. You can get creative as you like and even find a picture of one of their projects that has inspired you and use that in your post.
3) State why you recommend others to join in on Monday’s!

Post your entry next Monday:

Post your entry next Monday on May 21st! You can use this challenge as your next weeks #NeedleWorkMonday post or you can still do your regular one in addition to this one :)


SBD Prize Pool

The receivers of the SBD will be chosen randomly by a drawing. We will gather up all of the names of those that entered and have met the requirements. Those names will be drawn by @crystalize.

• 1st Name - 15 SBD
• 2nd Name - 10 SBD
• 3rd Name - 5 SBD
• 4th Name - 3 SBD
• 5th Name - 2 SBD


Whooo Hoooo!!! Five names will be drawn and announced on Monday May 28th!!! Alright needleworkers start thinking about those two that have inspired you and get to writing!!! 😄

@crystalize and myself will be participating by writing up our own entry but we will not be included in the drawing. We really appreciate you all being with us and making Monday’s a great day here on Steemit!! Let’s have some FUN and continue to encourage and uplift one another!!! ❤️

All photos are from #NeedleWorkMonday posts!

We’re Looking Forward To Reading Your Entries!!!








Logo/Banner created by @rigaronib!


That's a wonderful initiative @crosheille !

I know I've met some wonderful and interesting people #needleworkmonday !

Thank you @cryptocariad!! I’m so glad you like the initiative!

It’s the same for me! I have met so many wonderful talented people!!!! 😊

Wow a great contest i will call my grandma for this because she has serious skill out there in needle work.

Thank you! That would be awesome! We’d love to have her post her work with us on Monday’s if she’s here on Steemit! 😃👌🏽

What a great giveaway! I am new to this community but I like it a lot! In fact, I am looking forward to #needleworkmonday every week since it inspires me to work on my projects to completion! Thank you @crosheille and @crystalize for hosting this!

Thank you!! I am excited to do this!!! I am so impressed and proud of what you all post every week!!! 😍😃 I am glad that it inspires you to get working on your projects!! It really does the same for me!!! It is my pleasure ~ 😊💕

Ooh ooh I see froggy there 🐸 Hehe.. thank you @crosheille and @crystalize for your putting this together and for your generosity! You guys have big, big hearts! 💗💗💗

😄😉 Yep I had to add handsome froggy up there!! You are very welcome!! We are happy to do this! 😘

What a lovely, inspiring idea! Lots to think about, look forward to the entries next week.

Thank you! I was really hoping this would inspire everyone!!! I’m looking forward too!! 😊

I've been away for awhile, and I'm excited to get back to my #needleworkmonday posts! I've got a couple needleworker's in mind already.

Hey there! It’s good to see you here!! 😃 I’m looking forward to reading yours!!! 😉

Thank you!!! Yay I’m so glad to hear that!! 😃

Im in!

I saw one of your dtube videos and now when I read your blog, the voice I read it in sounds different. I can hear a beat and a rhythm in your words that I couldn't hear before.

Gotta get my needle ready...

Yay!! So glad you’ll participate!!! 😃

Lol that’s so funny! Now you have a voice to match the blog!!! 😄

This is really cool!
Resteeming in the hope that more people will discover this group!

Thank you!!! I really appreciate it!!! 😃😉💕

How nice!!! And I love the image that you have made with all of our images! I am looking forward to next Monday and doing this 💚💚💚

Thank you!! I had fun putting that image together!! I am so proud of everyone’s work!! 🤗💗

Yay! I’m looking forward to reading your post!!

Neat! A contest! I look forward to reading all the posts next Monday!

Yes!! I am excited about this challenge and reading all of the entries!!! 😃

Fabulous idea and very generous of you. I hope I will find time to write (perhaps beforehand) because I will be away for 2 weeks... But shouldn't I find time to write know that you made such a huge impact by creating this community. By giving it a name, date, logo and a purpose. And by writing continuously wonderful and personal post. And by commenting and supporting all of us. And by being you.

Thank you!!!! I hope you find time to write one up too!

Wow!! Thank you so very much. Your sweet words mean so much to me and I truly appreciate you! I am so glad you are here sharing every week, I just adore you. It’s my pleasure commenting and supporting everyone, it really brings me great joy doing so. 💗💕

Hi @crosheille. Happy #needleWorkMonday. Excellent initiative Start to prepare my publication, and so continue to share with this wonderful community what I do. Thanks for the support. Many hugs and blessings.

Hello @jicrochet! Happy #NeedleWorkMonday to you as well!!! Thank you!! I am so glad everyone is excited about this! Hugs and blessing back at ya!!! 🤗❤️

This is a great idea! I'll be thinking of my people and working on this post. 💖

Yay I’m so excited!!! I’m am looking forward to reading!!! 😃

Beautiful initiative @crosheille
I am new in this community. I am happy and excited to be able to participate in this beautiful project that they are carrying out. Regards

Thank you @mergie! I am glad you like the initiative! I welcome you~ 😊

Oh, who to pick, who to pick?! :))) What a wonderful idea @crosheille! Thank you, too!

Lol I feel the same way!! The minimum is two people, feel free to write about more if you like ;)

You’re welcome!!! I’m excited about this!!

Noooo! Does it have to be just two😭😩! I am so spoilt for choice I want to be able to pick more
What a lovely innovation @crosheille and @crystalize,
You both are examples in graciousness😘

Haa!!! No worries! Two is only the minimum, you can write about as many needleworkers as you like!! 😉👌🏽 I feel the same way! ☺️

Such a cool, genius idea! Looking the picture closely, I am excited my lunch bag is there 😁.

I really hope the needleworkmonday tag is gaining more success and popularity here in Steemit!!

😄 Thank you!!! I am so glad you like the idea!!! Oh yes you know I had to include one of your beautiful lunch bags in there!!! 😉

From the looks of it and the amount of new needleworkers we get every month I would say it is growing and continuing to gain popularity! It wouldn’t be successful without you all~ ☺️

This is going to be so much fun!

Yes it is!! I am so excited about it!!! 😄

Now this post is the one inspiring😂. Thank you for this exciting giveaways @crosheille👏👏👏 awesome!!

😄😄😄 It’s my pleasure!!! I thank all of you for even being here and making this community a great one!! 😘

wow !!!! it will be very difficult for me to choose only two of our needlewomen!

Lol I know!!! I feel the same way but two is just the minimum. You can post about whoever you like, there’s no limit on how many ;)

it's already much easier! :))) I will definitely take part in this!

Awesome! 😉

hola ,crosheille gracias a Dios que encontré algo de lo que me gusta mucho, las costuras, soy jubilada, y ya estoy haciendo mi curso de costura, gracias por esta iniciativa, aquí encontrare personas que anden en lo mismo y compartir experiencias.gracias.

¡Es genial escuchar a @nancyka! ¡Nos encantaría que compartieras tus creaciones con nosotros los lunes! Sería más fácil para todos comunicarse con usted si escribiera sus publicaciones de costura en inglés y español. Tenemos algunos que ya lo hacen. Uso el traductor de google para poder responderle en español. Gracias

Love this idea! I did a shout out saturdays that was all needlework mamas. :) I'll have to do another one!

Thank you!! I remember that shoutout you did!! It was really nice ;)

hola, puedo hacerlo en español solo tiene que ser en ingles

hello, thanks for the initiative, I think we are going to participate, you have joined a whole world and your creations are very good. Congratulations.

Hello @carolinacardoza! You are very welcome and I’m so glad to hear that. 😊😉

Feel free to write in both Spanish and English. This way more crafters can easily connect with you~ 😊

I somehow missed this post until just now! What a great plan. I'll have to see if I can get another post done for it. 😊

Thank you!! If you don’t get the time hopefully you’ll catch the next one! 👌🏽

@crosheille do we need to post the links here, or are you going to search the #needleworkmonday tag for the entries?

No worries about posting your link here...we will search the tag!!! 👍🏽😉 Thanks for checking~

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