Needlework Monday - Crocheted Ninja Turtle Hats - My Ninja Boys!!!

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Hello my needlework friends! Welcome to another #NeedleWorkMonday! Today I am sharing the crocheted Ninja Turtle Hats I made for the boys in my family...yep including their dad! Every year each family member gets a new hat of their choice. This year my four year old son suggested I do Ninja Turtles for them. I thought it was a great idea especially since there are 4 turtles and I have 4 guys in my gang. So I got to work with the yarn I already had in my stash!



I’m proud to say I didn’t use a pattern. This is my own creation based off what I thought the turtle hats should look like. I started with a dc foundation chain because I like my hats to have stretch.


DC Foundation Chain:

1 .Begin with a slip knot on your hook

2 . Chain 3

3 . Yarn over and insert hook into the first chain and pull up loop

4 . Yarn over and pull through one loop

5 . Yarn over again and pull through two loops

6 . Yarn over and pull through last two loops

You then repeat these steps for as long as you need the chain starting in the loops of the last dc. It’s kind of hard to get the hang of where to continue the dc’s at first but there are video tutorials online that could help you see it better. I keep going until the chain measures the circumference of the recipients head and then join both ends together with a slst. Then I proceed with doing fpdc and bpdc for three rows to make the band.


I continue crocheting in the round with hdc in every stitch. I wanted the colored Ninja band to be almost midway up the hat so I had my boys try on their hats so I could measure it right. Once I added in the colored yarn I crocheted 3 rows with it and then switched back to the green to complete the hat.


Once at the top when the hat is just about long enough I do one row of hdc decreases in every 3rd stitch. Then for the next row I do hdc decreases in every stitch. For the very last row of the hat I do a sc in every stitch. I leave a long tail to weave it in and out of the sc’s so that I can tighten and close the hole at the top. I then sew in all ends.



Once the hat was completed I made the back of the Ninja bands to sew onto the hats. I did a chain 7 and did hdc across for 8 rows. I then started to decrease for 3 more rows to get the point at the end of the bands. I laid the hats down with the center back facing me and just tried my best to get both sides lined up even. I sewed on one side at a time.





Finally the eyes were last! This picture inspired the colors I chose for each turtle. I started each one with white yarn using a magic loop.

The Sclera (outer white part of the eye):

1 . Using your F hook ch 1 then do 10 hdc in magic loop

2 . Join with sl in first hdc

3 . Ch 1, sc in first 3 stitches

4 . Ch 3, sl in same stitch (this creates the points on the sides of the sclera)

5 . Sc for 5 more stitches and then repeat #4

6 . Sc for last 2 stitches and sl to join

7 . Tighten circle then tie in ends leaving one long tail for sewing on hat

The Iris:

1 . Using your E hook create a magic loop and ch 1

2 . Do 5 sc in magic loop and sl to join to first sc

3 . Ch 1, sc in each st around and join with sl

4 . Tighten circle then tie in ends leaving one long tail to sew into the sclera

The Pupil:

1 . Using your D hook make a magic circle and ch 1

2 . Do 3 sc in magic loop and sl to join to first sc

3 . Ch 1, sc in each st around and join with sl

4 . Tighten circle then tie off ends

Once I had all three parts of the eye completed I then sewed the iris and pupil together. I then used the long tail from the iris and sewed that into the sclera. Finally use the long tail left on the sclera to sew the eyes onto the hat.


This pic was before assembling

Now you can imagine how hard it was keeping all the boys together to get decent shots of their hats. Here’s what I was able to capture...


Runaway Red Ninja Lol!!! Thankfully dad picked him up so I could get a few shots!





Ninja Dance!

I had fun getting these hats together! I’m so glad my son suggested doing the Ninja Turtles this year. When they wear their hats out together they get a lot of attention and compliments from other kids. They tell me quite often how pleased they are with them. Mom’s Mission Accomplished! ☺️


’Project Warm A Soul’ Reminder

Last week I announced our Community Project #2 called ‘Project Warm a Soul’. We will be making scarves🧣 for those that need help keeping warm this Winter season. Once finished with the scarf you will attach a note to it and wrap it around a tree or pole in an area outside where you feel someone in need will find it. For more details please visit the initial post HERE!

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6

Thank You for Viewing!




A huge shoutout to @rigaronib for creating my Logo Banner! He was incredibly pleasant and awesome to work with!!! I was blessed to have found him and that he was available to work with me!!! Thank you so much for your lovely work!!! I am very pleased with the outcome!!! 😆


Whoa! matching scarfs, this is so great and well done.
Glad they enjoyed it and good job!
Keep on scarfin'

Thanks so much for stopping in @pouchon and for the compliment! 😃

Aaaww, your boys are so cute! Every year a new hat :D They will need a biiig box for all those hats when they are grown up, haha!

Thank you so much! ☺️ They keep me going! Lol yes I tend to spoil them quite a bit. But the best part is we can give their previous hats away to others in’s kind of a way we teach them how to give. We tell them as you receive it’s good to give as well~ 😊

I really missed this post of yours. They look very cool and funny :-). I think my boys would would to have one too.

Thank you so much! It seems the Ninja Turtles will be a forever hit with the little ones...even for adults because I still love them! 😄 I’m glad you liked the hats and our funny animated pictures, it was a fun day~ 😊

You did it!!!!!!! And so fabulous - with such beautiful and funny photos I cannot keep up. Again, I really like your colour choices (ok...turtles, had to be green). Are this perhaps the so trendy 'juwel' colours :-D
I love that you have written a pattern and it is a big success (ahem... could you please lend me your models they are really cute <3)

Thank you so much my dear!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the funnies and the pattern! I was very thrilled everything worked out okay. I’m not very confident in making my own pattern but I’m telling you, people like you and @tali72 have really inspired me to step out of the box and believe more in myself that I can do it!! Yay and I did! Thanks so much for all the encouragement you have given me!

Lol aww thank you!!! They are photogenic most of the time! 😄🤗

Simply Lovely.
I enjoy how-to posts.

The family is wonderful. I've recently regained access to the pics from the years homeschooling my three sons! Precious Moments.

Heads up...I am about to nominate you for the #sevendaybnwchallenge...I hope you are able to play along.

Enjoy this day!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! 😀 There really are a lot of precious moments. I love being home with my kids.

Oh wow! You’re the second one that has nominated me for this. I guess I better get on it, thank you! So can I start any time? I’m thinking I will start mid next week!

Wow !! What a great idea)) You are a real master! Such a nice band in these hats. I really liked your guys! I want to share this with my friends)).

Thank you so much @inna-yatsuk!! I’m pleased to hear you like them and have shared my post, thank you! The boys made it even more fun for me! It makes it all worth it seeing their faces! 😊

I dont think I could ever get enough of your knitting skills . If I just saved up all your articles on knitting , I could have enough as a reader guider to knitting. The ninja theme is totally cool. The way you knitted in the blind folds I totally liked that. Great work @crosheille

Thank you so much @wondermaey for your wonderful comment! That was such a nice compliment from you! I am so glad you have enjoyed viewing my crochet work. I am so relieved the hats worked out and turned out as I imagined them. It’s so scary for me doing things without a pattern and trying things out on my own. I am trying to get more confidence so I can do it more often. It’s just when you are so used to using a pattern it becomes a crutch. I’ve learned so much from others in this community that I just had to start trying. Thanks again for viewing and commenting ~ ☺️

These turned out great! You are very talented!

Thank you so much for those compliments!! That means a lot! 😊

Adorable! I love those and so nice of you to post how you did them for those people who can follow a pattern (not me). :) LOL! I bet the guys do love them. So cute!!

Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to gain more confidence in trying my own patterns. I am really not that confident yet in writing them up so I’m glad I was able to work it out this time. That is definitely something I want to get better at. I’m glad you liked the hats! 😀

I just saw your logo banner! I love it! It's great and fits perfectly!! :)

Thank you so much!! I really love it too and feel it fits me well!! 😃🤗

Adorable! The ties at the back of the head look fantastic. And I adore that you've got all four turtles represented!

Thank you very much!!! I was SO hoping everything would come together okay and I’m glad it did! Adding the ties on was one of my favorite parts! Thanks so much for viewing and commenting :D

Hi there! Your boys look adorable with their new hats.
I was never good at crochet, I have a fear of the crochet needle :) Knitting is more of my thing, I make scarfs, hats and ear warmers. I can’t say I haven’t tried crochet, my mom is amazing at it, but I just can’t handle it. Here is some of her work:
Thank you for sharing this. My brother is going to have his son born soon, I’ll give your pattern to my mom, maybe she could try and make one of these ninja turtle hats. Have a great day!💚

Hello there @zen-art! Thank you so much for the compliment! I laughed when you said “fear of the crochet needle” because I have had fear of the knitting needles until I tried it recently. You should share your knitting work with us on Mondays for #NeedleWorkMonday!! 😃 Wow your mom has amazing skills! Thanks for sharing that with me! It’s so bright and pretty! That would be neat if she made a turtle hat for your nephew!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I really enjoyed it! 😊

Yay!!!!!!! Awesome!! You Rock!! I’m heading over to your post now!!!! 😃

These are great! I love the action shots of your guys wearing them.

Thank you so much! We had fun taking them. 😊

Oh my goodness!! These are fabulous!!!
They came out so well!
Thanks for including instructions! Gonna add this to my 'I need to make this someday!' list...

Thank you very much I’m glad you like them! Absolutely! Let me know if you ever give them a try! 😀

These are awesome 😀 I love the ninja dance!

Haaa!!! Thanks so much!! I think they really enjoyed doing the dance at the end!!!! 😄

Awesome hats!! What a great way to inspire hours and ours of imagination too :)

You have the cutest kids <3

I am hoping Nyai gets his first needle felting post up far he is doing great learning to make the body parts...

Thank you so much @elew!!! Yes it seems every time they wear the hats creativity and imagination take over! 😄 I appreciate the compliments. Those are my growing boys!!! 🤗

Oh wonderful! I’m really looking forward to seeing his first post!!!

I never crocheted such caps. you have turned out great, Cynthia! beautiful bright colors of threads look great together. seen in the photo that the children and dad are very happy :)

Thank you very much Tala!! I’m glad you liked them! I am so pleased the boys are happy with them~ ☺️

Those are so cool, I only have one question, where is mine :)

😂😂😂 That was so funny!!! Thanks for making me laugh! I guess you missed the memo! 🤷🏽‍♀️😄😉Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you think they’re cool!!! 😎

Dang I really should read the memos before I use them for origami


Yes you should!!! LOL!!

Those are fantastic hats! <3

I'm not sure what I do wrong, but I cannot consistently make good hats. On my list to try again soon, I just started crocheting again.

Thank you very much for viewing and commenting @bearsquared51! I’m glad you liked the hats! 😀 I know you’ll be on your way soon to making some awesome things. The more you get back into it the better you’ll be! I myself seem to get rusty when I’m away from it for too long. Being on Steemit and doing #NeedleWorkMonday has really helped me stay busy with it! 😉 Looking forward to seeing those Awesome hats of yours!!!

Such happiness @crosheille... I really enjoyed looking at the hats, the process and those happy faces. Thank you !

Thank you so much @cryptocariad! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post today! 😄

Excellent work, the baby had a good idea. The main thing for all men is. I probyvala crochet, there is no assiduity. Thank you for sharing.

Отличная работа, хорошая идея была у малыша. Главное всем мужчинам идет. Я пробывала вязать крючком, нет усидчивости. Спасибо что поделились.

Thank you so much for viewing and commenting! I’m glad you liked my work ~ 😊

Your men are ready to save the world...and eat pizza along the way! 😁
What amazing hats, and it’s really cool that you did this from your own pattern and not from a pattern you found online or in a book. Keep on amazing us, Lady!

Thank you so much @mrscwin! Oh yea they are ready to save the world!!! 😄 I am really trying to step out of the box and do more of my own work. I’m so glad they turned out as planned! 😅 Thanks for the support~

Excellent family look) Cool bright colors!

Thank you!!! 🤗

The turtle hats are wonderful and it is obvious that all your boys love them. Thanks for sharing the work and the pattern.

Thank you very much! It was my pleasure sharing both! 😉

OMG I would have ADORED one of these when I was twelve, I was such a TMNT freak. Leo was my favorite (your husband's hat). A couple of years back, my mom suddenly called me on the phone: "What color was your turtle?"
Me: "Blue?"
Mom: "Okay!"
She gave me a Leo piggy bank. LOL

LOL!! Yes my husband has been a TMNT fan forever too! That’s so funny that she thought to give you that! 😁

I know, right? I'm 39 and I totally have a Leonardo piggy bank. 😂

So cool! 😂

Lovely work. All four!

Thank you!!! 😊

I'm going to show my boy those beanies. I think he'll scream: that's so amazing!

But I don't know what I can do if he'll say he wants one. :-)

Awww thanks so much!! I see you have a turtle fan yourself! Thank you for viewing!

Nice work Mom! ☺ Your gang looks great, and your littlest guy is so adorable!

Thank you kindly!!! 🤗

Oh my goodness those hats are so cute! And your family is just gorgeous! Much credit to your husband for doing the Ninja Turtle Hat Dance. You really nailed it with the "ties" in the back. Fantastic!! Happy #NeedleworkMonday to you!

Thank you so very much!! We had to end it with a celebration of achievement!!! I’m so glad my husband loves to be silly with the kids! I’m glad you liked the hats!!!!!

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