Needleworkmonday: Learning to reuse an old Jean in an extraordinary piece

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Hello friends of Steemit and especially to this group between needles, a few months ago I had the privilege of participating in a Sewing Course for Creative Girls, in this course, they taught me how to reuse an old Blue Jean in a beautiful and modern skirt.


In this course, we participated a group of girls between the ages of 9 and 12, of which I became friends with almost all of them because we had a common project that was to modernize an old piece and turn it into a useful garment.


The first thing I had to do was cut both legs of the blue jean and later cut them along the leg, with these pieces it was enough for me to join a long strip with waves, which we will use to sew it to the upper part of the jean, becoming in a beautiful Juvenile skirt of Jean.



I am very proud of my project because it allowed me to learn how to reuse the old pieces and turn it into something profitable.


I feel very happy with my skirt, I invite you to encourage me to make one, because it is simple at the time of cooking, although I confess that I had the help of the teacher, because I had never used a sewing machine.


Those jean skirts turned out really nice, @camilacobo! So much fun to wear. Happy #NeedleworkMonday to you, my dear!

You made a really cute skirt! A great idea to reuse old clothes. Thank you for sharing

Hello @camilacobo and welcome to #NeedleWorkMonday! Thank you for sharing this lovely upcycle project with us! I love seeing young people learning how to craft! I think the skirt turned out lovely. 😊