Teaching Ofelina How to Quilt - Needlework Monday

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I have spent one day a week teaching some local girls how to quilt over the last few months. One of the girls finally finished her quilt recently and she was so excited! Meet Ofelina and her pretty quilt!


A little background: The 5 girls I have been teaching are part of an orphan graduate program. They do not have families, but have aged out of the orphan system and live at a nearby location learning life skills in order to take care of themselves soon. They can stay in the program for about two years where they learn English, sewing skills, how to clean, etc.


Ofelina got to start working on her quilt first. The top of the quilt was already completed by someone else who had started teaching them to sew, but had not helped them complete the project. We decided on a solid back and then to put a quilted material inside as the batting (green). She quilted in straight lines following the squares on the front. After some machine difficulties, it was finally finished!


This girl wanted to get this project done as soon as possible! I was constantly telling her to slow down and sew a straight line. Let's just say I ended up picking about half of the stitches out at various times and having her resew them. We were thankful for a seam ripper! We were both so happy when the last stitches went into the binding and the quilt was complete!


She was so proud of herself for finishing the quilt and I'm proud of her as well! We got to know each other much better during the whole process. She learned some English and I definitely got to put my Spanish to the test! This girl may not have been the best at following directions, but she's such a sweetheart and has a great smile!

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That looks like an excellent project.

Will any of the young women get their sewing skills to a level where it will secure them employment?

Awwwww hehehehehe i was giggling at the seam-ripper part!!! LOLOL She was super excited (and maybe a little impatient?? hehehe) at getting it finished :)

But I'm sure that you made such a difference in her life. Thank you for serving the fatherless <3 (and motherless!!!) I love people who stand in the gap and give of themselves tirelessly!!!

Please tell her i LOVED her quilt!!! :)

What a lovely project @apanamamama, teaching skills like this really is so rewarding! It reminds me of years ago when i used to help out at a Saturday sewing school run by our church. Many of those ladies managed to find work as seamstresses afterwards and some just came to learn how to sew clothes for their families. The project is ongoing and one old lady is still there faithfully teaching week after week, really dedicated!

I admire the care of orphans in your country !!!!! your schoolgirl is pretty. she made a beautiful blanket! I'm sure that eventually she will learn to work more carefully and will enjoy this :)

Great work, Mama and Ofelina!!!

I bet it's hard to learn how to follow directions well when you're in an orphanage. It takes so much work to teach my kids every day how to carefully follow directions that it must be nigh on impossible to teach a whole bunch of kids that aren't yours in an institution setting. If the kids have a natural aptitude they'll be fine but anyone who needs extra coaching...well, they need @apanamamama kind of people generous and willing enough to give some time and energy.

This is a great project and it will be so helpful for the children to learn those skills in an informal and nice sorrounding. It is an huge success that your pupil finished the blanket and did not give up. A Quilt is not an easy project and learning to sew in a language I do not know... wow, I think this is really difficult - so double congratulations to both of you <3

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What a wonderful program to be apart of! I bet it feels so rewarding doing this. It’s great to see that Ofelina finished her beautiful quilt and she is very proud of it. Great teaching @apanamamama! 😃

That's a great project!

What a great project! My wife and I were able to see many women helped with a similar project when we lived in Indonesia. Keep investing in the lives of these young women. I know the love you show them will be reflected towards other people as well.

Well done @apanamamama! You are such a sweetie for teaching them. I'd love to do something like this. Despite some frustration as a teacher I'm sure your students are delighted with their new skills and quilts!

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Congratulations to her. Doesn’t seem like seeing is her love, but finishing projects sure feels good.

Amazing that there are programs for orphans to help them on their way to the big world. And you being part of that is just fabulous! A trophy for you AND a trophy for her. Even though she had a few mistakes her determination is strong to finish her project. With practice and more learning she will achieve her goals with precision :D