My Daughter's Crochet Slippers

in #needlework4 years ago

My daughter is complaining about her feet getting dirt while walking around the house. I do clean uo the house, I'm not sure how or why she thinks the floor is dirty." I've been wanting to learn how to crochet an oval shape for bag bases and for floor mats. I figured I start with something small. And a pair of crochet slippers is a good training.

This slipper is half freehand. I needed to look for youtube tutorial videos for help. It only has 2 parts: The sole and that part where you insert the foot. (I don't know what it's called. lol)

The Sole

If I'll be making a bag base, this the middle part of this sole would be the foundation. I needed this youtube tutorial to guide me with how and where to put the stitch markers. I'?m saying guide because I didn't technically follow the entire instructions.

The feet insertion part

This part, I made without any tutorials. It'smade of 5 rows.

Row 1: Decide which part of the sole your feet insertion part starts. 36 SC From that point.

Row 2: 2 chains 12dc [1dec, 1 dc]4x, 12dc

Row 3: 2ch, 11dc, 5dec, 11dc

Row 4: 1ch, 9sc, 4 dec, 9 sc

Row 5: 2ch, 8dc, 4dec, 8dc, fasten off leaving a tail long enough to weave through the middle.

Stitch the center part together.

And that's it!

These are my leftover bulky yarns. Once this lockdown is through, I will make another one with colors a little bit more lively. Nonetheless, looks like my daughter loves it. :)


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Good work! Don't let her become a cleaning fanatic though, that's a bad mental habit.

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