73rd Heroes' Day Memorial Ceremony

in nedtherlands •  last month


A great nation is a nation that values the services of its heroes.

Heroes' Day is a national day that is always commemorated on November 10 in Indonesia. Heroes' Day celebration aims to commemorate the services of the Heroes who died in Surabaya in a war against the Netherlands on November 10, 1945


Heroes are people who in their lives struggle for the sake of others without thinking about their own interests. Every time there is a hero, and every hero there is an era. So be a hero in your era.


Speaking of Heroes, Aceh also has much Hero whose services we need to remember and respect. There are many examples from him that we can take and implement in filling independence. Cut Nyak Dhien is one of the Heroes from Aceh.


Cut Nyak Dhien is a woman who became a hero because of her perseverance against the Netherlands. Our Obligations as the successor of the nation to continue to defend the value of the struggle of our Lady Heroes


Keep going bravely to welcome a brighter future for your beloved NKRI. Never give up because of global competition.

Lhokseumawe, 12 November 2018

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