Ned Scott on SteemSpeak Right Now! Join in!

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EDIT: No longer on since 5PM EST. Grab the recording here:

Ned Scott, co-founder of Steemit Inc. is talking on SteemSpeak right now. Please listen or join in the conversation!

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Join and ask ANYTHING you want an answer to at - download Teamspeak3 from and connect your teamspeak client to (just like back in the WoW days :)

If you miss it - everything is recorded at

Joining in right now, thanks :)

Thank you, Im joining now.


listening now

Great forum!

Damn i regret i didnt start to make the post instant when Ned joined so im 15 min later then your post

Ned: Anyone can just fork steem, the code is open source.
SteemSpeak: Wait, isn't the code under a licence?
Ned: Brilliantly avoided the question

Most people involved in steemit are not idiots, they know that when something doesn't make sense like golos , you just need to follow the money.
I don't blame Ned for wanting more money ( who doesn't want more money right?) I am just disapointed because he is not being honest with the community.