Neblio (NEBL) Is The Most Under Valued Crypto.. Here's Why!

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I'll start by saying that I am invested in Neblio.

I was the only Youtuber that positively covered their ICO that was pretty short (2 weeks), yet turned out to be a huge success.


In this post I will show you why I think that Neblio is one of the best crypto's you can invest in today. Plain and simple.
Let's start with the basics:

What Does Neblio Do?

Neblio have their own blockchain and are going to offer enterprise blockchain solutions. They will have APIs in 8 different languages to make it as simple as possible for anyone with even the most basic programming skills to connect to the Neblio blockchain.

As you know, Blockchain is the technology of the future. More and more companies realize that using blockchain technology makes things a lot simpler, more secure, transparent, and stable.

The problem is, not everyone has the ability to create their own blockchain. That is why companies like Ethereum, Stratis, and Lisk created a platform where others can develop their own blockchain. And companies are literally flooding the gates and standing in line to connect to these blockchains. The good news - There is a lot of room for growth and more players in this niche of Blockchain platforms.

How Smart is it to invest in Blockchain platforms?

Check out the image below, ROI since ICO. Notice the top five? What do they all have in common? You guessed it.. Blockchain Platforms!


Now let's check some of the platforms marketcap:


As you can clearly see, Blockchain platforms DOMINATE the top 20 cryptos in the world today with 9 out of 20 (45%) spots!

Their market cap ranges from a few hundred million USD to a few Billion USD. Compare that with Neblio's $12.5M market cap and You can see why this is such a huge potential.

Neblio Already Has A Working Wallet Staking 10% / Year!

Yes, you heard it right.
When Neblio came out to the ICO they already had a working wallet that is actively staking 10% / year.

Since Neblio works on a Proof Of Stake (POS) model any Neblio wallet that has some NEBLs in it and is open for staking (not locked), will get about 10% a year of practically free tokens!

Check out this image of my wallet:


As you can see I'm "mining" NEBLs. In the past 24 hours alone I made about 60 NEBLs worth about $60! So the more NEBLs you have the more you will stake. This is practically free money.

Neblio Has A Small Circulating AND Total Supply

As you know circulating and total supply is what makes or breaks a crypto's price. The math is simple - The more supply you have of a token the less valuable it is.
Some ICOs sell a lot of tokens and also keep a lot of tokens for themselves. For example they will sell 1,000,000,000 tokens and say it is only 20% of the total supply of 5,000,000,000 tokens. The rest is for "advisers", "team", "product" and god knows what...
The bottom line is.. It is a fluffy way of saying "We are eating the pie and keeping it whole"..

One of the things that I loved about Neblio from the start was the fact that they said that 100% of the tokens will be sold and all unsold tokens will be burned!

So now there are only 12,404,022 NEBL in circulation and a total supply of 13,124,004 NEBL which is another reason why NEBL price is going to grow dramatically in the future.

Neblio Is Ahead Of Schedule!

When people looked at the Neblio roadmap they thought it was a little too ambitious. I mean, some of the platforms I mentioned before don't have anything yet and are already worth hundreds of millions, so it would normal if the Neblio team would "take their time" in developing. But not only this is not the case, they actually develop ahead of the road map!

For example the Neblio Android wallet scheduled for Q4 2017 was already released a few weeks ago, has 500-1000 installs, and a 4.9 rating in the Google play store!

Neblio Already Has a 400%+ ROI Since ICO

The ICO ended about a month ago (AUG 20th) when 1 NEBL was worth $0.2 . About 2 weeks ago it was listed in Cryptopia and immediately got a lot of attention. Right now it is trading in the $1 - $1.1 range which is over 400% ROI from the ICO rate. Bear in mind that this in times that Bitcoin and the entire crypto world was getting hit left and right..
And this is just the beginning. Once Neblio gets listed in a bigger exchange, which will probably happen soon, the price is probably going to skyrocket!

Neblio Has An Active Community

Anyone that joins the Neblio community gets hooked. They immediately become big fans. The reason is simple. It is a real project with real crypto believers behind it. There is no fluff there. No empty promises. In today's crypto world where there are so many over promised and under delivered ICOs, and flat out scams, Neblio is very refreshing.
So, although the community is still not the biggest, it is definitely one of the better ones I've been a part of.

Don't believe me? Join the Neblio Slack and / or Telegram groups and check for yourself.

Neblio Social: Twitter, Facebook

I would love to get your feedback! What do you think about Neblio?

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Neblio is a hidden gem! My only regret is that i didn't invest more. Great article

I couldn't agree more. Also an investor here. Thank you for good videos @acryptotrader :) With referrals im up 800%


Amazing! I'm so happy to hear that. Makes it all worth it!

Indeed it does! You were the one who made me pay attention to it in the first place. I also joined Substratum ICO, but Neblio really blew me away from the start. They sold ALL their tokens. Good Supply after burning. They didnt promise too much, as Substratum did.

I personally talked to the devs about why they stated in their whitepaper/roadmap that they "WILL be listed in bittrex / bitfinex in september 2017". And in the end of the ico they stated that they ment that the application were in process in september, and that they never had it cleared out with bittrex in the first place.

Even though this might be and "error" on their part, they still destroyed some of my faith in them whien they oversold their ICO that way.

Keep up the good work!


Yes, I agree about Substratum. I was also disappointed to hear the news about the exchanges. That's probably why they lost about 55% since the ICO as opposed to Neblio that gained about 500%..

That is one of the reasons i joined ROCKET PRE ICO, because we need some quality control in the ICO processes.. A lot of overselling their product which then can not meet expectations = low performer

I really hope Rocket makes a good product. I have high hopes for them, but no expectations.

But one issue i have with rocket, is the fact that they will burn the tokens not sold in ICO, but they also allocated 7 million tokens to devs/+++++ but what if they only sell 13 million tokens and burn the rest.. Will the devs still have 7 million? in that case it is risky for investors.

Dont you agree they should lower the amount of tokens for themselves if the ICO do not sell out the 25 million tokens?


I agree. I actually discussed this with a few ICOs in the past. Tokens should keep a steady ratio, so for example if you end up selling 1M instead of 10M and you burn the unsold tokens, you should keep the team tokens with the same ratio, like 300K instead of 3M..


check out

Insurance on blockchain! They have one of the best whitepapers i've come across in 2017. Please do check out.


Do you think Rocket will keep the ratio ? That is a make or break if you ask me.

I put the question out there on slack, so we will see what their answer will be.

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Love this undervalued token
It's a better stratis

Thank you very much! May I ask how many NEBLs you hold for that staking rate?

A few BTC worth

Thank you very much again.

what is the optimal amount on the wlalet addresses to get max stake ? i have 14k split into 2 addresses, should i create more , like split into 1000s?

I'm not so sure it makes a difference how you split it as it is randomized anyways so you will get about 10% / year in any case. But just to make sure it's better to ask the @nebliodev in the Neblio slack.

3650 per wallet give 1/day

10%. Meaning that you need 3650 to get 1/day.

Thanks for sharing. Maybe I´m too late.

Not too late.. Marketcap now is $25M, which is still low.

Trading only at Cryptotopia with daily volume of about 200k. Too risky.

how to mine it?,give me few steps about mining, i have registered.

  1. Download Neblio Desktop Wallet -
  2. Put some NEBLs there. If you don't have NEBLs you can buy here -
  3. Unlock your wallet. "Settings" -> "Unlock Wallet". Make sure you leave the check box saying only for staking.
  4. Wait 24 hours. It takes 24 hours to start staking.

hey @acryptotrader, thanks for the valuable guide! i will back.....

Also check out -
To find out how much you can make staking

Thanks for posting @acryptotrader - You make some interesting points - but I wonder where the value is in this - for example - what is backing this crypto and what would make someone want to buy / trade it. Does it have some other intrinsic value that makes holding it desirable - or is it pure speculation and hoping that momentum pushes the price up - thanks!

The value is from the platform. Right now they did not take any clients yet as the APIs will only be released later on, but once they start on boarding clients the value of the token will rise dramatically, similar to how it is with Ethereum and all the other platforms. NEBL is the backbone of the Neblio blockchain, and there are only about 13 million of them.. :-)

great post...will try it today

Great article, very well written with a lot of compelling arguments!
Ps: I also like the staking very much!

We have been following Neblio since mid 2017. It definitely has potential and is promising. 2018 will be its here.

great post.

This is awesome, its very reasuring..Thanks

great information, thanks for sharing

I manage money for the richest family in Asia and I think your analysis is fantastic and I want to thank you so much for turning me on to this gem! it's a smart strategy & road map & they very fairly reward all the participants so I'm holding... I wonder what you think about dragonchain?

I couldn't agree more!!

so there's no real information here. You only shill this coin and that's all. where's the real world application? where's the use case?
Token burned, ahead of schedule (an android wallet :)))), pos coin, small circulating ... only useless reasons to promote a coin. So thanks for making me stay away of this one

The real world application of this coin? They are one of the few who are actually focussing on the real world: business!

Remember, the real world isn't using digital currency yet. Everything is still speculative. That is the fun of it. (I realize there are some car dealership that take Bitcoin and we have, of course.) It isn't commonly used, yet.

Just wanted to say, thank you! Seen this post and watched the video a month ago, decided to put half of my savings in neblio! You probably changed my life!
Thank you again!


Should I buy some Neblios now or it is to late?

Good question. When you check Neblios market cap and the circulation amount it still has room to grow. Of course it is always a guess but most of the people who are invested now ($25 per token) see it go up at least to around $100 in the next months. But as always nobody can guarantee anything and so it's your own decition to make in the end.

I bought some and it has gone down. However it hasn't gone down for good reason. Nothing has gone wrong. But the requirement to sweep the coins cought me off guard and was was stressful.

If you don't know where your private key is, put the coins back in an exchange.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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Your post was one of DuckDuckGo's top results for "How to Mine Neblio"! Great job! I was curious about how many NEBLs you have that allow you to take in $60/day. You said the "yield" was about 10% per year? So you must have a bucketload of NEBLs. It is now around $17 each so even buying 100 of them would be a chunk of change.

thanks for this super post , NEBLIO will hit 20$ in one year for sure !