NEA 102 /25 the non restricted AR102 based rifle for Canada

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Here we have it folks!
It looks like canadian gun owners are making a bit of head way in terms of MSR (Modern Sporting Rifles) North Eastern Arm or (NEA) for short is a MSR manufacturer in Orillia Ontario Canada. NEA manufacturers budget minded AR15's for the Canadian market as well as any other country involved with itar.

So a few years ago NEA dropped a few tidbits of information about the idea of manufacturing a AR style rifle with a non restricted frt, many of us gun loving canadians couldn't wait to see this new rifle come to fruition, so we waited and waited and then waited some more. NEA would flash a few pics of the rifle on the normal social media sites like Facebook and instagram but have been very tight lipped about this rifle, to my surprise while browsing the many gun sites and online shops i noticed a post from hoplite tactical a Canadian gun shop that stated that NEA has been approved for a non restricted frt status on its new rifle the NEA102. The NEA 102 is being sold in other countries right now and is sold as a NEA25 named after the sr25 but hasn't been given a release date as of yet.

I'm pretty excited about this new non restricted firearm, I've owned a NEA AR15 in the past and was pretty happy the the overall quality of the rifle, any minor issues i had with the rifle weredelt with swiftly and i never had a problem with the customer service side of NEA. I think all in all North Eastern Arms is a great small arms manufacturer and builds excellent rifles for the budget minded shooter. The NEA 102 is a small strep toward the end goal of reclassification of the AR15 and other MSR rifles but its a step in the right direction.

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