I just gave 100 NDX to everyone active in SteemSpeak.com Come in to the largest steem discord and get your NDX airgrab. I am giving 30 people 100 NDX each

in ndx •  14 days ago 

I am giving out 100 NDX around 5-6 cents each to 30 people with 3000 NDX ready to go loaded in my @tipitbot account from https://tipit.io

Come to the discord link: https://SteemSpeak.com and ask me for your 100 NDX airgrab but you have to have been a member of @steemspeak or long term token holder!

If you still want to qualify for the 100 NDX its easy just go resteem like and comment this post on twitter:

Nika already got some NDX that was fast!

and show us a screenshot in the telegram https://t.me/steemspeak or discord https://steemspeak.com

Or better to come to THIS discord https://ndx.myfreecrypto.org the NDX discord

and come HERE to get some MORE free NDX from @datajunky at least 1 ;) https://t.me/newdexchat

WOW thats was fats someone already showed up to https://ndx.myfreecrypto.org

Anyway for all @steemspeak users come back into https://steemspeak.com and youll get 100 NDX and I have a few thousand NDX ready so I can give out 20 30 maybe more users 100 NDX but you have to be a real user and, if you help I will have more tokens and giveaways. Anyway come get your free 100 NDX and come check out https://newdex.io WHICh does have STEEM in the form of STEEMP an EOS token. (I know EOS deposits have been slow but they are being processed just very slowly and may take a while to catch up but new eos history system is coming :D )

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