No Dare Just Truth contest by @mimy. I AM REVEALING MYSELF!

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Hello guys, this contest is a popular thing now and I wasn't able to escape it so now you will know my darkest secrets (help?). I was nominated for this contest by @stephennevets so here you go...

What is that silly thing that takes a tear out of your eye?

Taking the last gummybear... Why aren't those endless?

What is the weirdest thing you love?

Oooh I have plenty, what a weirdo! I love...staring at strangers' rooms through their windows at night while riding my bus or walking by.

It just feels like a lit room at night shows you a story of people living in it. And everyone's life story seems so different, someone has an expensive lamp, someone has dirty old fashioned wallpaper, someone's room is still decorated with Christmas decorations and you try to guess if the person is lazy, busy or just like it that way. This gives some inspiration if you are writing a story or a book, try it out! Not like you have to spy or stalk, just glance one time through all the windows where the light is turned on and keep passing by.

Bonus number 1: I love taking a deep breath in newly painted room.

Bonus number 2: I love leaving fresh footprints on snowy roads.

Funny part of the opposite sex that you like?

Sneezing so loud that it scares all the bad things away from me.

Who is your steemit crush?

It's @frezo. He is not very active here but I know who is hiding in here.

What is the craziest thing you have done on steemit?

Considering that I am relatively new here, this post might be the craziest thing right now.

Works of two steemians that you doff your heart for?

@huaidanphotos @sandstorm

Which steemian would you love to see a movie with (maybe a dark room.. Winks)

All the movies should be watched in the dark, you don't want the environment to distract you! I would choose @zombabejoy as we have the same taste in movies (so sad I wasn't able to join you in watching the latest season of Black Mirror!)

What are the names of the first three steemians blog you visit

@haejin, @teamsteem, @papa-pepper

Who do you wish you are on steemit?


What do you wish you could write on steemit that you couldn't?

Nsfw and politics

Which steemian do you want to meet in person and what would be your first action when you see them?

If I met @zombabejoy, my first action would be to grab some popcorn!

What are the names of three handsome guys/ beautiful ladies that you know on steemit?

Ladies: @zombabejoy, @katrina-ariel, @mimy

Guys: @frezo, @stephennevets, @huaidanphotos

Who would you choose as your steemitfather, steemitmother, steemitdaughter and steemitson.

Steemit father: @haejin

Steemitmother: @katrina-ariel.

Steemitdaughter: @mimy

Steemitson: @frezo

Names of two followers who get low payouts

@adamdonmez, @adpa

Names of two followers who get good payout

@haejin, @sandstorm

Given the opportunity to say one word to @ned what would it be?


So now I nominate........Dum Dum Dum Dummm......... @katrina-ariel, Ba Dum Tss! I know it's easy for you to be funny, so it won't be hard for you to participate in this contest. Good luck!


Quite hilarious and creative

Thanks for participating

I had a lot of fun writing this post, thank you for checking it out @mimy :)

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That was a lovely read :)

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

Lol.. I myself have aleays wanted to write nsfw but... Somethings have been holding me back.

Thanks for featuring me Fia

Yeah area which is interesting to everyone but not so easy to talk about :)

haha... when everyone seems to be hypocritical about reading stuffs like that. lol.