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What is that silly thing that takes a tear out of your eye?
Notification of strength dollar

What is the most weird thing you love?
Playing basketball with a female, and defeating her to feel like LeBron james

Funny part of the opposite sex that you like?
Its surely the boobs, those could take the place of the pillow

Who is your steemit crush?

What is the craziest thing you have done on steemit?
Am new on here, but I flagged most post from my friends

Works of two steemians that you doff your heart for?
@greenrun and @ehiboss

Which steemian would you love to see a movie with (maybe a dark room.. Winks)

What are the names of the first three steemians blog you visit
@surpassinggoogle @ehiboss @gidionline

Who do you wish you are on steemit?

What do you wish you could write on steemit that you couldn't?
Cryptocurrency post, those guys make alot of money from it

Which steemian do you want to meet in person and what would be your first action when you see them?
@ehiboss, you are a boss sir, I don't really know what I would do, but I would really do something that would make him know that he is my role model on steemit.

What are the names of three handsome guys/ beautiful ladies that you know on steemit.
Ladies: @sweetsssj @mimy @evelyniroh

Guys: @illuminatus @ehiboss @gidionline

Who would you choose as your steemitfather, steemitmother, steemitdaughter and steemitson.
Steemit father: @surpassinggoogle
Steemit mother: @mimy (hope she wants to marry @surpassinggoogle)
Steemit daughter: @jeffany
Steemit son: @pharez

Names of two followers who get low payouts but decent work
@pharez and @donajuice

Names of two followers who get good payout
@ehiboss @ogoowinner

Given the opportunity to say one word to @ned what would it be?

Nominating @jeffany

To participate, here are the rules
Rules of the game.

Use the ndjt tag
Nominate a person or two.
Make it as funny as possible.
The contest continues runs till the next 7 days.
You can also nominate others while posting your normal posts as the week runs.
Post all the questions first then the answers below.
Anyone is free to participate without nomination


Thanks for the mention. Do have an awesome day

You are welcome.

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