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This weekend, NBA Top Shot ( had another airdrop called Rising Stars ( where they sold a pack of 7 moments containing rare and common seeing stars. In total, there were about 33k packs. They employed a randomized line assignment by having everyone in a waiting room and then receive a random line assignment based on the number of collectors who were there. This was in the hope that it would level the playing field for humans versus robots. The site also set limits on the number of accounts a user can have, but it's not clear how they're enforcing it. I think they are more lenient on the users at the beginning of this experience in building excitement for their community, but as the site becomes more popular, it is something that they will have to be more diligent on.

Again, I tried to get in on the series without avail. I was placed 143K in a line over 200k users for 33k packs. This suggests that users are realizing that NBA Top Shot is their best shot at getting high-quality rarer cards at a discount for their collection and that there is significant money to be made being able to get in on the airdrops.

It is such a disappointment to not be able to get into the airdrop. The anticipation throughout the morning was tremendous. I told my whole family about it. They were laughing and making fun of me at my "silliness" for engaging in such childish excitement. It didn't help that I didn't get in on it. So that was a huge let-down, albeit to not winning a competition that you have practiced in so much time.

Hopefully, next time, luck is on my side and I'll be more successful with the next airdrop. For now, my best bet is to buy one of the common cards and hope that value continues to increase overall. It's just too much to be buying into the limited edition ones.

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