NBA Playoff Preview Podcast With Brandon P!

in #nba4 years ago

I am excited to announce @brandonp joined my podcast for an NBA Playoff Preview!! Was great to pair up with my fellow Steemian, more to come soon!

The link to listen is below as well as a recap of our picks.


Biggest Surprise Of The Regular Season

Toddcast: Indiana Pacers
Brandonp: Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers

Biggest Disappointment

Toddcast: Dallas Mavericks
Brandonp: Memphis Grizzlies, Charlotte Hornets

Rookie Of The Year

Toddcast: Donovan Mitchell
Brandonp: Ben Simmons

Most Improved Player

Toddcast: Victor Oladipo
Brandonp: Victor Oladipo


1st Round Predictions

Eastern Conference

#1 Toronto Raptors Vs #8 Washington Wizards (Season series: Tied 2-2)

Toddcast: Toronto 4, Washington 1 (5 Game Series)
Brandonp: Toronto 4, Washington 2 (6 Game Series)

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers Vs #5 Indiana Pacers (Season series: Indiana won 3-1)

Toddcast: Cleveland 4, Indiana 3 (7 Game Series)
Brandonp: Cleveland 4, Indiana 1 (5 Game Series)


#3 Philadelphia 76ers Vs #6 Miami Heat (Season series: Tied 2-2)

Toddcast: 76ers 4, Miami 3 (7 Game Series)
Brandonp: 76ers 4, Miami 2 (6 Game Series)

#2 Boston Celtics Vs #7 Milwaukee Bucks (Season series: Tied 2-2)

Toddcast: Boston 4, Milwaukee 1 (5 Game Series)
Brandonp: Boston 4, Milwaukee 1 (5 Game Series)


Western Conference

#1 Houston Rockets Vs #8 Minnesota Timberwolves (Season series: Houston won 4-0)

Toddcast: Houston 4, Minnesota 0 (4 Game Sweep)
Brandonp: Houston 4, Minnesota 1 (5 Game Series)

#4 Oklahoma City Vs #5 Utah Jazz (Season series: Oklahoma City won 3-1 )

Toddcast: Utah 4, OKC 2 (6 Game Series)
Brandonp: OKC 4, Utah 1 (5 Game Series)


#3 Portland Trailblazers Vs #6 New Orleans Pelicans (Season series: Tied 2-2)

Toddcast: Portland 4, New Orleans 2 (6 Game Series)
Brandonp: New Orleans 4, Portland 2 (6 Game Series)

#2 Golden State Warriors Vs #7 San Antonio Spurs (Season series: Golden State won 3-1)

Toddcast: Warriors 4, Spurs 1 (5 Game Series)
Brandonp: Warriors 4, Spurs 2 (6 Game Series)



It was awesome man. Glad to have joined and loved talking NBA with you. Keep up the good work.

Really nice! thanks for sharing guys.
will post my predictions tomorrow, enjoy the first games of the Play-offs

Do you want to play a game ?

Kinda surprised you guys think BOS will beat MIL so easily. I disagree, if they even beat them at all

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