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RE: What was Dead and Gone Might Be Back! As Well As a Special Announcement

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Sixers making a serious run here! Going to be interesting to see how far they can go in the postseason! I'm hoping my Bucks stay right at # 7 and draw the Kyrie-less Celtics. I like their chances in that matchup with the Celtics hobbled. Great content as always!


The way the seeding plays out is going to be huge. Playing Boston seems like by far the best matchup a 5-8 seed could get simply due to injury.

Right - def - I don't want a matchup with the Sixers or the Raptors really. And I'm glad they can't climb up to the # 5 spot anymore don't really want to see LeBron in the first round either. Bring on the Celtics (hopefully)!