Man who FORGOT how to shoot (Strangest story about Markelle Fultz)

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Strangest story in the NBA i have ever heard and seen...

 News how NBA 2017 draft number 1 pick Markelle Fultz lost his shot has become one of the intriguing stories of this NBA season.  Fultz formerly did not shoot badly, even in the summer league he shot tha ball quite well. However when preseason started and in the 4 NBA games he played, NBA fans were shocked how bad Fultz looked on the court. Now experts, fans and i think even Fultz himself can not figure it out what went wrong and most importantly how to repair it and reverse the wrong doings. 

He made significant alterations to his shooting form in the summer

Some sources have come out and are telling us that Fultz made some shot alterations himself to quicken up his shot.  When Fultz returned to the team training camp at the start of the season, his shot form looked different and player looked uncomfortable shooting the ball. Team started to reverse his shot form immidiately. 

Fultz was playing with shoulder injury and had to change his shot form

Now... other theory is that Fultz had a shoulder injury, which was affecting his shooting motion. Also some of the people are saying that Sixers training staff has messed this up.  For me it is absolutely weird that shoulder injury can mess players shooting form up completely. 

 "Brown doesn’t think that Fultz is 100 percent physically, but it’s the apparent lack of confidence in his shot that appears to be keeping him off the court. "

 The Struggles to help Markelle Fultz remember how to shoot a basketball  has been more than hard.  I think this problem exists completely in his head. That being said i like Markelle Fultz and his playing style. I hope that he finds his shot form and confidence again.

Be humble and stay ballin...

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