Dirtiest player in the NBA (should NBA punish him ?)

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On Saturday, the most heavily discussed moment was when Thunder played with Warriors ann Warriors center Zaza Pachulia made probably the dirtiest thing this season. 

Warriors center fell on the Russel Westbrooks legs in the third quarter.  Pachulia  has a reputation as being one of the  dirtiest players in the league. League players are agreeing that Zaza made dirty play to intentionally injury Westbrook. 

Greg Popovich (Head coach of the Spurs) was very furious when asked about this situation. He has every right to be angry because last season Spurs star player Kawhi Leonard got leg injury when Zaza lift his foot underneath Kawhi when he tried to make jump shot. Now Kawhi is still injured and played only 4 games this season (Story of Kawhi injury is going to be another post).

Wetbrook told reporters that Pachuilia intentionally tried to hurt him intentionally, and added that he thinks Pachulia is a dirty player.  Sadly NBA will not be taking any action against him. 


Zaza is an awful person. He needs to be removed from the league.

He had no reason to fall with all of his weight on Russ's leg. He didn't even trip over anything. It's so blatant that it's laughable. How is he not punished for this?
This guy has been doing nonsense like this for years. I guess the players are going to have to police it themselves. : )

Westbrook said that he is going to get him back. He didn´t say when and how but we can be sure if Russel makes a promise he keeps it 100%.

Zaza has a bad reputagtion and its unfortunate the NBA didnt punish him at all for the most recent, clearly not accidental, fall on Russell. Can't help but wonder if it is because he is on the Warriors 🙃

I am afraid so.
League has been quiet about Draymond Green couple of times.

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