Week 1+2 Results

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After almost 2 week of betting on the NBA in 2019, the year is not beginning so well. But this is betting so 2 weeks are not meaning anything and December was a so good month that I believe that kind of bet could work on the long therm.

My bankroll started with 400 Units in 2019. I place 20 units on each bet, and this amount will change if the BK is growing to 500 or decreasing to 300.

23 bets so far, 9 wins, 3 refunded, and 11 loss detailed here with the overall result and the ROI :

Today's bets

Under RB Lamarcus Aldridge (Cut 8.5, Odd 2.010 Stake 20) : A really high odd for this cut when you check the last statistics of LMA, especially with Gasol starting with him. Add to that a lost Charlotte team lately and the possibility of a blow out and you get a good bet.

Over RB Anthony Davis (Cut 13.5, Odd 1.819, Stake 20) : Against the clipps a lot of rebounds are available in the paint. Randle and Davis should take a lot of them. However, with Mirotic back, Randle might have less minutes so I preferred to bet on Davis there.

Over RB Jarrett Allen (Cut 7.5, Odd 1.746, Stake 20) : Boston is a well defensive team, which might explain this surprisingly low cut for Allen. However, they are conceding a lot of rebounds while attacking, and Allen should take a lot of defensive rebounds.

Over RB Andre Drummond (Cut 14.5, Odd 1.813, Stake 20) : Against a big men such as Gobert, Drummond will defend in the paint, exactly what he likes. He won't have to defend on a shooter here and will stay under the circle which should give him more rebounds than usually.

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