NBA Bets 2k19 #7

in #nba5 years ago

Today's bets

Under RB Hassan Whiteside (Cut 10.5, Odd 1.746, Stake 20) : Defending on Brook Lopez, Whiteside should defend far from the paint, while Lopez is shooting 3's.

Over RB Russell Westbrook (Cut 11.5, Odd 1.877, Stake 20) :Atlanta is shooting a lot of 3's, meaning a lower % and even the Center is shooting. Adams should therefore defend far from the ring and Westbrook should take the defensive rebounds.

Over RB Wendell Carter (Cut 6.5, Odd 1.704, Stake 20) : No weaker team in the paint lately than the Lakers, and a low cut for Carter !

Over RB Nikola Jokic (Not available yet) : If the cut isn't too high, Jokic should take a lot of rebounds in the paint against GSW. If the cut is near to his season average at a decent odd, I will place this bet.

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