NBA Bets 2k19 #6

in #nba5 years ago

Today's bets

Under RB Alex Len (Cut 8.5, Odd 1.699, Stake 20) : Defending on Brook Lopez, Len should defend far from the paint, while Lopez is shooting 3's. Add to that a potential blow out, and there is no reason not to place that bet

Over RB Deandre Jordan (Cut 14.5, Odd 1.735, Stake 20) : For this bet the bigger danger is the blow out. Dallas at home should be good enough to at least be able to avoid that. If he gets enough playing time, Big men are often taking a lot of rebounds against the warriors.

Over RB Tristan Thompson (Cut 11.5, Odd 1.769, Stake 20) : The lakers being maybe the worst team in the paint lately when it deals with rebounds, Thompson should take a lot. Add to that a probably tight match and he should spend a lot of time on the floor.

Under RB Jusuf Nurkic (Cut 10.5, Odd 1.735, Stake 20) : Nurkic has been taking lees rebounds lately and against Denver, conceding few rebounds, and especially defending on Jokic who can often play far from the ring, this under looks good to me

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