NBA Bets 2k19 #2

in #nba5 years ago

Last day of the week, with 3 bets !

Today's bets

Over RB Russell Westbrook (Cut 10.5, Odd 1.900, Stake 20), Over RB Steven Adams (Cut 11.5, Odd 1.869, Stake 20) : The 2 rebounding men of OKC, against Washington where Dwight Howard was missing a lot in the paint for a long time now. I would be really surprised if none of this 2 bets is winning, but I believe that both of them winning is a lot more likely to occur.

Over RB Jarrett Allen (Cut 9.5, Odd 1.952, Stake 20) :The sunday afternoon games are often really bad in accuracy, meaning most of the time a lot of rebounds. Against a weak paint such as Chicago, Allen should get that easily.


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