NBA Bets #19

in #nba5 years ago

Today's potential bets :

Over Rebounds Andre Drummond (Cut 14.5, odd 1.800): Interesting cut regarding his average.

Over Rebounds Cody Zeller (Cut 5.5, odd 1.595): A very low cut, especially when you play against Cleveland. With Thompson missing, it's weak in the paint and they are playing a back to back tonight.

Over Rebounds Jarrett Allen (Cut 8,5 odd 2.08): Chicago is one of the worst team in the paint. The only question is the playing time Allen will get. They are playing a back to back but he only played 20 minutes yesterday so it should be ok.

Under Rebounds Marcus Morris (Cut 6,5 odd 1.819): Same analysis as usual with Al Horford missing for the Celtics (you can find it in my previous post #18)

Under Rebounds Anthony Davis (Cut 13.5 odd 1.813): The cut is that high because both Mirotic and Randle are missing. However playing against the Bucks and Brook Lopez , Davis will often defend far from the paint. Let's hope Lopez will get a lot of time on the floor.

Over Rebounds Russell Westbrook (Cut 10.5 odd 1.917): Sacto is a weak team on the paint, but the game will probably be tight meaning an important playing time for Westbrook so this is an interesting cut for him.

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