January betting results

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After a perfect last week, January finally ended with positive figures. Time for the report !

Week 4 results :

8 bets, 160 units staked, +130.08 units, 81.3% ROI

Overall January results :

You can find the detail of each bet in my daily posts or in my weekly report. This month end in the positive even with a bad start, with a 5.21% ROI which is quite satisfying to start 2019.

I chose to focus on the rebounds of targeted players comparing their stats with the defending stats of the opposite team when it deals with his position. Brook Lopez was a good example for that. He plays far from the paint and take his defender with him, meaning the guy should take less rebounds than usual, defending far from the paint. This is the kind of reflection I use for my bets.

What are the next steps ? I am currently betting for each bet 20 Units, which means appr. 5% of my BK. This is quite high and I would recommend to bet only something like 2%. I am usually betting 2% of the BK per bet but you don't have the full betting picture with this rebound and I tried to make it as simple as possible for the publications.

The next objective are to reach 500 units int the BK to step up to a betting amount of 25 units. Of course it works the other way around too, and I will decrease the betting amount if the BK goes down.

Today's bets :

Under RB Jarrett Allen (Cut 8.5, Odd 1.606 Stake 20) : Playing against the bucks with Brook Lopez as a match-up, you can find further explanations up, or in previous posts :-).

Over RB Lamarcus Aldridge (Cut 10.5, Odd 1.854 Stake 20) : He took 13,13, and 14 rebounds in his 3 last games. Add to that the fact he will play against Sacto, the worst team in conceding rebounds to the opposite big man, because they play fast and shoot a lot, these odd and cut look really good to me !

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