DSJ robbed in the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest!

in #nba6 years ago

Dennis Smith Jr. (DSJ) - a rookie PG on the Dallas Mavericks - participated in this past weekend's NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. Unfortunately, he was only able to showcase 2 of his dunks as he did not make it to the finals.

He was robbed on his first dunk attempt with a score of a 39, which significantly hurt his chances on advancing to the final round. However, his second dunk received a perfect 50 and was the best dunk of the night IMHO. See for yourself:

DSJ was the Vegas favorite to win the dunk contest with +140 odds. I wish we could've witnessed the dunks he had in store for the finals, but I suppose the 360, reverse-between-the-legs dunk will have to do.


Keep and eye out for DSJ, don't let the Mavs record fool you, he's a budding star in this league and will continue to improve and flourish in the NBA!


100%. Dennis Smith can't even palm the ball and he did that! Man deserves some props

Yessir! Hopefully the comparison to Westbrook prove to be valid, although Westbrook is one of a kind.

That 360 through the legs dunk was something else tho! Got major bunny hops for being just 6'2"

His demeanor is very nonchalant and reminds me of a tmac + joe johnson mix. Definitely has some mad hops though!

Nice, that was sick, too bad about the loss

It's alright, Cuban came out and said we're going to tank once we are out of playoff contention. Gotta love the transparency.

Haha that's hilarious

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