Showing the documents, the state minister said, Tareq is not a citizen

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State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam has said that the acting chairman of the BNP is no longer a citizen of Bangladesh as he has been asked to submit Tarique Rahman's passport to the Bangladesh High Commission in London through the UK Department of State.

After the BNP's challenge and Tarique Rahman's attorney notice to show proof of submitting the passport, he came to a press conference on Monday evening and showed a copy of Tarique's expired passport and a document from the British Home Office.

After Khaleda Zia went to jail, Tarique had left Bangladeshi passport in Tariq, who was in London two-and-a-half months after taking over the charge of acting BNP chairperson Shahriar told Saturday.

Responding to Shahriar a legal lawyer sent a legal notice. Ruhul Kabir told Rizvi Sarker on a press conference from BNP, show Tariq Rahman if he has submitted the passport.

Later, in the evening, the Foreign Minister attended journalists in her home before the journalists.

After the press conference, he wrote Tarek's passport to Facebook, the UK home ministry wrote to Facebook, "The evidence that they wanted was given below."

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