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What is NAV Coin?

NAV is a privacy-focused coin built from Bitcoin core. To be clear, it actually stands for two key principles: privacy and usability. Fast, low cost transactions and a staking reward for helping secure the network. Active dev team and weekly updates are pushing this coin into more and more conversations.

More details:

Quick Technicals

Algo: X13 / PoS
Block time: 30 seconds
Block reward: 5% per year staking (4% for user, 1% for community fund)

Bitcointalk thread:

Where's the wallet?

Along with the whitepaper:

How many of them are they?

CMC says ~62m circulating supply.

Who's the team?

Full of engineers and developers, as well as directors for marketing, creative and digital strategist, as well as an ops manager.


Marketcap and Competitors?

~239m with ~8m volume when last checked today.

Similar projects or target industry...

  • Monero -> ~6b
  • Zcash -> ~2b
  • PIVX -> ~668m
  • ZCoin -> ~400m

How is NAV different?

As they describe it: simple but powerful, rapid block speed that is ideal for retail and e-commerce, staking and optional private payments.


  • privacy coins are appealing
  • mobile product
  • community / frequent communication
  • upcoming projects and roadmap


  • lack of marketing
  • competition

Any constructive criticism?

Staking rewards have went from 20% (2015) to 10% (2016) to 5% (2017), which is great for really early adopters but much less great for folks who got in this past year. As we've been told, it actually 4% for users and 1% for the community fund now. This could be changed to better incentivize folks who are just getting in.

Where is it traded?

It's traded across the board. For an older, non-ICO coin to get added to Binance, that's a sign that it's a solid project and brings a lot more volume in.

The Final

Based on the FA, NAV looks like a low to medium risk with high reward potential if they continue to deliver products and catch on. Picking it up under 22k sats would be bargain or around $4 - $5 would be an upper entry while still expecting solid, crypto-style gains.

And that's your scoop!

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Thanks for the info! Great Post!

Thank you :) Nav is a really cool and undervalued coin i thinkit will do great this year :O

It's actually now 4% staking for the user and 1% for a community fund. I'm a big fan of NAV, got several thousand staking well for a few months now.


Thanks for letting us know! Corrected.