Deep Into the Mushroom Forest

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I'm saying goodbye to autumn and getting ready to embrace the winter with this blog entry about mushrooms. These amusing little creatures are a huge part of my life, but I write about them far too rarely. I'm a mushroom expert, me and my boyfriend run a mushroom farm and sell our produce for a living, I do mushroom dyeing and I love to make artwork featuring fungi. In my fairytale-style home, mushroom figurines are to be found everywhere. A pot of dark medicinal mushroom tea is always brewing in my kitchen, to enhance my health. Additionally, one of my favorite things to do is frolicking around in the forest looking for mushrooms and foraging for whatever else I can find.

1UP. Amanita Muscaria

I'm in distress in periods where nature abounds with edible treasures and I'm too busy to be able to gather any of it, I then feel that something is terribly wrong, not doing what all my ancestors has done before me, something which runs strong in my blood. Being out in the mushroom forest can be absolutely euforic, making you forget all the troubles and sorrows of the world. It is like the most exciting treasure hunt, like finding gems in all kinds of colors and shapes and sizes.

I love always learning something new. And with mushrooms you always would, even if you lived for a 1000 years.

I don't only love to pick mushrooms, I also love to capture them with my camera. Here are some of my most recent pictures, taken in the deep and dark norwegian forest, enjoy:



Always picking mushrooms in comfy, flowy clothes.








Moss troll.

Gypsy mushroom


Bloodred webcap, I pick these for dyeing.



Some kind of Ramaria. Corals of the forest.



On this spot I always find a bunch of wild champignon, they are incredibly delicious compared to the ones in the shops.

Met some old breed norwegian viking sheep, female and male, looking badass.




I love moss, and I know I'm not the only one!




The gold of the forest.

I awakened the moss dragon!

Believe it or not, this is Lactarius rufus.


Can someone please produce coat hangers like these? (These are called Honey mushrooms by the way.)




Hope you enjoyed accompanying me to these mossy woods!

I would love to know, any other mushroom enthusiasts out there? :)


Alice is in Wonderful Country ))

Wow, Wonderfull !!

do you really live in this mystical world?

I do feel that the world is very mystical and magical, and that's what I try to help other people see as well.

That photography is unreal! ^.^

I have never seen such beautiful collections of 🍄 mushrooms ever thanks for sharing

Thank you so much!

You are welcome.

This is a great photography . Thanks for posting these each day. I think it is really important that we continue to share this Good with everyone we can to see it.

Thank you, my wish is to inspire people to start caring more for the beautiful planet we inhabit, because people will only protect that which they love :)

Wow! Mushrooms are popular on Steem, but I have never seen a post that has so many of them! I know one mushroom-enthusiast who will appreciate it - @ocrdu :)

P.S. The pictures are fantastic!

Really Fantastic

Thank you so much, I guess my blog is best suited for people that really appreciate pictures, and a whole bunch of them.

I also appreciate good stories :) You are welcome!

Thank you for letting us accompany you @voiceofnature 🙂 For the time I was looking at the photos, the feeling was priceless as I was suddenly in a magical forest. And you look like a beautiful fairy. Up and resteemed. 🙂

Really appreciated your comment, blessings to you <3

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Perfect photos. Especially colour harmony is very beatiful.

Thank you! I always try my best :)

You look like a forest fairy. As a photographer I really love it :)

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Hehe, thank you, I am a forest fairy.

These photos are gorgeous. I've never seen such a variety of mushrooms ever. That forrest is unreal and your pics are really beautiful. Following and upvoting.

I guess you should come visit the norse forests then ;) I'm quite used to this mushroom abundance and I thought it was like this everywhere? Hehe!

Well, I live in the caribbean and even though I have seen some mushrooms in my area and throughout my life, they have all been either brown or grey or white-ish, nothing like what you picture. My best bet is to keep posted for more crazy mushrooms from your posts and your forests ;). What a luxury to live in that fairytale scenery!

It is quite humid here in the norwegian fjords, we have a lot of rain and everything is quite lush and green, so that might be the reason for all the mushrooms. The mushroom season is quite short though, as our winter is so long.

It makes me feel like in a fantasy. I like these photo so much!

Incredible photos...and I love mushrooms....well done... upvoted with pleasure

I am loving this! Definitely a mushroom enthusiast, it's all I blog about! I will be following you for sure. These photos are gorgeous - are these all from the forests of Norway? If so, I envy you quite a bit! Were they all taken on the same foray, or over several? There are a number of mushrooms I can recognize off hand, a couple I have guesses for, and some I don't know at all. How many of these species are you familiar with?

Anyways, upvoted and resteemed and looking forward to more.

So cool with a fellow mushroom enthusiast! Yes, they are all from the forest of Norway. The pictures are from various hikes during the last autumn season, so not all are from the same day. I am familiar with these mushrooms (even though I only named a couple of them), however there are a whole lot of various Cortinarius, some of which are very hard to identify, might have to use a microscope to be sure of some of them. Feel free to give it a try ;) I'm not super skilled with the english mushroom names yet.

I would love to do a full analysis of any one of those - they are all quite beautiful, and expertly shot. It's awesome your knowledge goes beyond just being a great photographer as well. I'll keep an eye out for future posts.

Lovely! Totally another me \o/\0/\o/ Great personality and photos Goddess! Aho! Following it, up-voted and loved!

Hi Daniela, so happy you enjoyed my post, sending lots of love back to you <3

This is well Articulated... it remind me how I always gets lost in the woods at all time

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Wow...wonderful photos! It's nice to see different varieties of mushrooms in such a beautiful and mythical way. Kudos to you!

I'm sooooo glad I've found your post! I've found it thanks to @creativista (hi there, I was checking out your blog for your posts hihi :). Beautiful photos, I love how many of photos is there in your post, one prettier than the other. I adore forest themes, and this post is like a little heaven for me. All these different shapes of mushrooms, texture of the moss, light and shadows... Absolutely following you for more! Thank you for sharing your magic. Klaudia :)

So happy to hear you enjoyed my photography! Sending lots of love, and I hope you enjoy my future posts as well, even though it will not always be mushroom related ;)

Also, you're beautiful! :)

@voiceofnature a very beautiful picture I really liked her

Amazing shots! This looks like a fantasy land! Mushrooms and fungi are definitely one of my favourites to shoot as well. Followed!

Thanks a lot for following! Yes, I guess a fantasy land without mushrooms would kind of loose much of it's magic.

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Lovely! Totally another me \o/\0/\o/ Great personality and photos Goddess! Aho! Following it, up-voted and loved!

These photos are unreal! I love all things fungus. If there is magic on this earth it arrived with fungus. I hope to be an expert one day, but as of now I have yet to feel safe enough in my knowledge to wild harvest mushrooms.

So glad you liked them! I agree with that sentence, mushrooms are definitely a (or the) root of magic in this world. If possible you should definitely join another mushroom expert for some forest adventures, or apply for a course, or at least get a good book about edible mushrooms. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice. There are a lot of Mushroom lovers in my area, I’m hoping to join a group this next year as well as purchase a few good books. Do you have any books you would recommend?

Honestly all of my mushroom books are written in norwegian. Except for some mushroom grower's books like Mycelium Running and "Organic mushroom farming and mycoremediation", and "Teaming with fungi".

Wow what absolutely beautiful pictures. You capture the feel of the deep dark woods and magical energy of the mushrooms so well. And you yourself seem to radiate a calm and soothing energy. Very happy to have found you - following!

Cheers - Carl "Totally Not A Bot" Gnash

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Thanks for being an original and creative content creator! You rock!

Thank you, I really appreciate your keen observation, and yes, I tend to be quite original ;)

Serious mycology. I'm thinking of growing some P cubenis

wow! I just upvote you.Because in steem community I have never seen such a beautiful collection and good photography. Really you are great.

Wow, thank you, I'm really honored!

Looks magnificent, like in a fairy tale! Pictures are awesome!

What an enchanting post this is... Nice to meet you. I'm Kalkimush.jpg

Hi Kalki, nice to meet you!

Wow, i love all your pics. That is real photography taken professionally. I was thinking what camera you used @voiceofnature. Beautiful:)

Thanks dear, I use a Sony Nex 5r, it is not a professional camera, but I edit my pictures in Lightroom and spend far too much time improving them. I wish so badly to be able to afford a good camera.

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I am speechless after watching pictures, real beauty of nature and reflecting purity, thanks for sharing the post and keepup the great work.

Have a great day.

Thank you, so glad you like it! :)

Incredible! Its almost magical, i really like your style, color toning, and also the contrast. Im really impressed on your post. Thanks for sharing @voiceofnature!

Thanks, it took a lot of work, so really appreciating all this positive feedback!

This post was especially enlightening and I enjoyed the unique beauty and color scheme of these photographs.

Nice post @voiceofnature. What I liked most in this post is photography. Photographs are taken vary artistically and beautifully.

These are really cool pics! Purple color suits you also!! Very fantastical tour! Thanks

Thank you, I'm flattered! I love purple so much, it is my favorite color besides green :)

This is a really beautiful series of photos. This looks like a really magical forest, perfect for all my favorite types of photography! I really enjoyed the trip through the mossy woods indeed! :)

Thanks, and you are more than welcome to join my future adventures, I have so many places to take you :)

With pleasure. Already a follower ;)

Yikes @voiceofnature ! I love these pictures. I have been taking alot more photographs lately and trying to enjoy the finer things! Thank you for sharing.

Mushroom hunting is one of my most enjoyed hobbies.

i think there is a lot of mushroom enthusiasts on steemit, but i doubt there is someone with such good photos ^^

Thanks a lot! I hope to always improve :)

I really dig the colours and the fantasy vibe from this. Great shots!

Hard to have mushroom for more enthusiasm for these beautiful forest dwellers - I love them!

oh wow... what beautiful mushroom pics and what a lovely woman... you live the nature great

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rad shots. the first mushroom look slike a mario character

Nice Pictures great colors, perfect fantasy feel

What time of day are most of your photos? The morning light is unreal.

I guess mostly in the afternoon or evening, allthough I think the ideal time for shooting is by sunrise or sunset, or when the sun is low. Also, it is often easier to get better pictures on cloudy days, even though when the sun is shining at the right spot, it is priceless!

Those are magnificient pictures. I specially like the red mushroom. However it oddly remind me of mario bros. Lol

Haha yes, that's why I called the picture 1UP ;)

Wow these are some cool looking mushrooms! The question is, would you eat it?? :D I would definitely pass on the first mushroom, that thing look deadly!

Honestly I would rather eat the mushroom on top than the other ones (except for the chanterelles and the gypsy mushroom). Fly Agaric's are poisonous, but not deadly. Many people eat it for dinner, because the toxins go away if you boil it and throw out the water. As far as I know, there are no reported deaths by this mushroom, but it has some deadly cousins, the white and the green ones.

For a second there I fell in the rabbit hole and the Rams told me not to be too surprised for there exist many worlds like these. Love... the dress, the photography, the colours... espesciallyy the violets and last but not least the Mushrooms! :D

What a nice photography looks like from a movie scene of Hansel and Gretel.

Amazing forest!! :)

Wow...your sense of art is outstanding!
I follow you.
I hope you will like my pictures in Mongolia too!

nice shots. @voiceofnature. i like soup of mushroom,really too much tasty.

Nice Pics....Always a lot of Purple in the shadows, but maybe that's interesting in the Pictures

congrats for doing such a nice job
All the photography and the positions are really great
good for you

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