The Plain Tiger Butterfly (Danaus chrysippus) - A Majestic Creature

in naturephotography •  5 months ago

This is prehaps the most majestic butterfly we have here in Israel, the way they glide around you so gracefully simply fills me with joy.
As most butterflies, it's a shy creature, hard to get close to, but luckily for you I have crawled in the bushes for you :)

Here are some pictures from me and @nv21089's walk-about:

Pure Magic: the Plain Tiger butterfly feeding on some morning dew

Sometimes in pairs, sometimes in bigger groups, the Plain Tiger butterfly feeding on its favorite host plant

Fun Fact: In some countries, the Plain Tiger butterfly is also known as "African queen"


Wanna know more? Wikipedia

Have a good one <3


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I tried with my camera , not that beautiful while I tried to make macro photography. You can make nice photo using smartphone , or cheaper camera . But to make photo like yours you need to have decent camera . One day , one day


Keep Steeming! I got my DSLR on Ebay, second hand, from money I made here on steemit from nature photography, so go for it :)


I like your attitude . You answer to the people . You know , I was thinking today , what if I will make too many photos in my city , that I will lose place to work . Dtube and drones ( youtube maybe ) . After one year of posting here , I will buy drone, and I will make dozens of videos from height . You shpuld do the same .


It's fun answering people :)
And well, I'm more into still photography, mostly macro, insects, and butterflies, but you should totally do it.
I wouldn't quit my day job for it, as its not a stable enough income, but it sure is a nice extra that can grow to pay for its own costs - like good equipment to make better posts :)

Looking good...

One of the beautiful creature who have created


I agree, I love them :) Thanks!

Nice and sharp capture.


Thank you :)

Beautiful butterfly


Thanks, its my second-favorite :)

nice nd awesome photography..


Thanks :)