Azanus jesous (Butterfly)

in naturephotography •  8 months ago

I have uploaded many of those before as they are very common here in Israel, but today as I was hiking with @nv21089, I managed to catch some nice shot.
The big shot of this ride is this mating, these two were so busy in eachother they didn't notice us at all and let us take some very nice macros.

Azanus jesous (Mating)

In this species, the female is bigger and the inner side of her wings is more of a brown-gray color:

Azanus jesous(Female)

The male is slightly bigger, and the inner side of his wings is beautiful metalic blue:

Azanus jesous(Male)

During this time of the year there are hundreads of them, it's mating and egg-laying time! :)




What do you think? Did you like them? Ain't nature a magic?


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Awsome shots bro 😎💪


Thanks man!

indeed a very good job!!! butterflys mating seems a rare thing to see. im nv21089 student for guitar and freind..

verygoood, upvote

Great shots it is, with calm blurry background wich make the butterfly to stand out in the picture. And yes nature is magic, I love to be out hiking and observe and discover, always see and learn something new.


Thanks! I always had a passion for the outdoors :)

@simba You shoot this beautiful pictures?


Thanks, and yeah I only upload original fresh stuff :)

Butterflies are beautiful and blessing of nature. However, their larvae are destructive to plants (though is is our misconception) but if we love butterflies we must also love their larvae.


I love their larvas too :) they usually feed off wild plants and don't harm our garden, there are certain plants that I planted just for attracting them :) thank you :)

Gotta love the flower fairies :)


Yep :) a living flower thats what they are :) amazing creatures :) sometimes I wonder if they're here just to make the world nicer for us :)

Amazing shots , bro

The butterflies look very beautiful. Awesome macro photography @simba. Very nature filled and attractive pictures. Thanks for sharing. Israel is a good place.


Thank you! Come visit sometimes, but not during summer, its hell here :)

@simba i love this so much. I also love butterfly, am a pen artist. And my recent art is about a beautiful butterfly pollinating ..
Kindly follow and check my blog @Rf-abol... Hope to see you stop by