A Journey to the Kishon Park, Israel: Drangonflies mating, nice places and other creatures

in naturephotography •  5 months ago

Last weekend I went with @nv21089 to the Kishon Park, its around a stream that is polluted nowdays, but still beautiful.
The journey starts by the old bridge:

A look from the bridge to the west

Around the bridge we have located a bounch of Dragonflies, and many many Damselfly, it seems like we arrived into a huge mating session.
The female's reproductive organ is behind her head, and their mating is kinda funny :)

Damselflies mating:



On the other side of the park we have witnessed two beautiful dragonflies in mating.
For the female in this case, the organs are located right in her lower body, and the male at the tip of its tail.

Dragonfly Sex

The trip was fun, so for the finale here are a few of these beautiful spots we've been to:




Thats it!
Hope you enjoyed our little journey :)


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Beautiful little world! Damselflies are strange creature. Their mating organ is quite strange. I have not heard that any insect mating organ can be found at its head. Also, its head is strange looking. It it like a head of hammerhead shark.
Nature is full of strange and surprising things. It takes us to observe our surroundings to see such beautiful things. Nice post, nice photographs.


Thanks! I love nature, the diversity is crazy :)

Omg!The dragonfly click is just awesome
Glad to meet a friend of @nv21089


Thanks a lot! :)


You are mostly welcome

it seems like a joyful journey, many new things become knowledge because of the events we can get from nature itself


Nature is incredible, I go out to heal and recharge, and take photos :)

Great photos man 😎 lovvvvve the mating dragonfies pic - thats your money-shot right there bro 🤑