A Gathering of European Firebug

in naturephotography •  6 months ago

Those are very common here in Israel, but they were just so cute gathering like that in the shade of a leaf, hiding from the incinerating Israeli sun :)


They are often seen in gatherings actually, but I don't know what's the reason behind them.



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se ven muy bonito pero seguro le hacen daños a las plantas?

This very perfect picture @simba my friend.
You take a very good picture.


Thanks! I wouldn't call it perfect though, it's a nice one :)


yes, as you say it is also true.

Why are they called fire bugs? Is it because of the color or some other reason?


I'm not sure, they are named differently in Hebrew but I remember as a kid we named them "pishpesh esh" which translates to "fire bug" :)

They're so cute!!!


They are :) Thanks! :)

איך לא כתבת איזו מילה על השם המאוד מוזר שיש לחיפושית הנחמדה הזו בעברית-
"פרת משה רבינו"


כי זו לא פרת משה רבינו, זה פשפש האש,
וגם זה ת'כלס שם עממי, שמו הרשמי
אדמון מצויר