A family of pond turtles

in naturephotography •  last year 

This seems to be a family of pond turtles I managed to capture in a local water pond, they usually run off but I managed to be quiet enough :)


Enjoy :)

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Cool picture! Where were you when you took it?

Right on the shore, hiding in the tall grass

What a very nice bonding of turtles. You are lucky you are able to capture their lovely moment.


This is a very lovely picture! I am very delighted by the way these turtles bonds to each other.

Yeah I like it too :)

Nice picture, congratulations @simba for capturing this moment and share it, it seems that the turtles that were looking hahaha!

You are lucky indeed you were able to capture those moments.


i guess they were enjoying the summer 😉

Hehe yep :) Thanks!

nice shot of a family of pond turtles