📷 Lone Rock - Wahweap Bay

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My latest sale on Etsy... (link below)

Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, Utah, USA

Metal Print on wall

Prints: https://www.etsy.com/listing/591755319


My dog and I are full time in an old RV - since 2012. Striving for more freedom, more nature, more meaning, and less 'american nightmare'. Please follow along and enjoy the photos. Prints available on my website.

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website: http://www.bear8photo.com (steem payments)


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Sunning and incredibly impressive. Love the colors, lighting and mood. That would be a really amazing place to hang out. Happy Friday Bear.

Wow, that color of the sky fantastic

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Absolutely stunning work!

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Wow magnificent!! The colour in the sky is just beautiful, wish to a view like this with my own eyes

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