Wonderland. Fairytale in the forest

in #nature6 years ago

Hello, Hello!
Have You ever tried just to escape from the world?
To go to the mountains or to the forest, or somewhere just to be united with the nature?
I did. Yesterday.
And it was amazing.
The songs of the birds.
The sound of the wind.
The rush of the mountain ice-cold river.







with love,
Mrs. J.


how beautiful that one would not love to escape to be alone with the peace of nature

It really is! Merci for commenting :)

There is nothing like nature. Beautiful pictures you have here. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for attention and comment :)

Great photos :)

Great pictures!

Visiting such places is the best way to refresh ourselves brain especially after stress, you will leave the place feeling refreshed.

I love those beautiful pictures out there, you are very good at taking pictures....

Thanks a lot!

You are welcome dear

For your photos I can see that it was something incredible. Nature transmits a pleasant sensation of well-being, it makes us feel free. We want to drink the air in great sips when we breathe on the top of a mountain, we delight in the clouds that parade before us with their whimsical shapes. And, of course, we love to contemplate the stars lying in the middle of nowhere if we are camping free or, why not, closing our eyes and dreaming that we are there.
The landscapes are enveloping, and in it the sounds of Nature have a lot to do, that subjugate us in an ineffable way. Listening to the murmurs that are heard in any forest transports us in a magical way. It is not necessary to be in the middle of the African savanna or to enter the Amazon to feel that wonderful connection. A green brush stroke is enough to wake her up.
Nature is that place that our brain identifies as its home, our ideal habitat, for which it has really been designed. Given the pace imposed by the city, the hyperactivity that comes with the urban lifestyle, contact with nature is the best balm, that necessary medicine that our body seeks. There is the city, the cloud of smog, its hyperactivity, its asphalt madness, and leaving it behind is a great relief. An absolute liberation to feel that we are part of a whole.
By the way, if it's not too much trouble I wanted to invite you to read my posts. I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to read them, and in case you like them, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

I appreciate a lot your comment and thanks for invitation :) for sure I’ll read some of your posts! Keep in touch ;)


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