Colorchallenge :Saterday indigo (how to make indigo dye)

in nature •  2 years ago


  First step: The indigo-ferna plants need to be harvested  



Second step: The leaves are bundled up and soaked into a container with Water. image

Third step: The leaves will soak for 24 hours and suddenly the water turns blue. Lime is added to help keep the color (2% builders lime or Ca(OH)2 ) 


Fourth step: the mixture needs to be oxidizing for about 25-30 minutes; the mixture will turn from green-ish to navy. The dye is almost ready.


 Fifth step: The liquid is then sifted through a cloth over night.the next morning the paste is ready.


This natural indigo dye paste can be stored for up to 2 years and can be used as required  


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