Volunteer action - Reforestaction in Spain

in #nature5 years ago (edited)

Because of global climate change forests in countries like Spain or Portugal are at risk of multiple scourges like fires, diseases and especially soil erosion which makes it hard to re-cultivate and reforest destroyed areas. Endangered areas need help, a lot of help. Goverments care only about % and they pine forests(only pine) planting actions bring more harm than good. That's why there are multiple actions in which volunteers from around the world take part. Main idea is to reintroduce biodiversity to affected areas to recreate their condition from before the fires.

Recently i took part in such action on the firest photo you see one of the planted trees. It isn't an easy task, there are around of rocks in soil and you have to wade through the bush so at the end you go out tired and a little bit wounded but it doesn't matter at all becasue you are in the beautiful place, you just did something good for the earth so you can enjoy becasue you done your job well.

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