Gorgeous Spirea Shrub in Full Bllom

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Look at this gorgeous Spirea shrub in full bloom covered with white flower clusters.

Spirea is in the rose family and depending on the species the flowers can be white, yellow, pink or red. With close to 100 different species, I narrowed it down to Vanhouette Spirea. I took photos of the front, back and sides of this shrub.

Some of these shrubs bloom in the spring and others bloom in the summer. I found these in full bloom this past spring. I love any shrub that has arching branches like you see here. The Vanhouette spirea can grow anywhere from 5-8 feet high with a spread of 7-10 feet wide.

I have a Steemian friend who has been with me since my first week here and we have become good friends. She lives in Thailand and white flowers are her favorite. This Spirea shrub is dedicated to her...@tangmo. I know she will love these flowers and in her words, will make her "feel refreshed and happy with a big smile." I might even get triple WOW's for this one. Thanks so much for your friendship and support @tangmo! Sending you much love and Hugs!

Thanks for stopping by!

All photos are my own.

Information Source: hgic.clemson.edu, garden.org

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Howdy Butterfly! that is truly remarkable! Is that one where you live? I didn't think they grew nice things like that so far North.

Beautiful white waterfall of flowers!! Love to have this one in my garden!

Thanks @kaminchan. That makes 2 of us!

  ·  last month (edited)

Oh! I "feel refreshed and happy with a big smile" now....... ^___________^

I'm very excited to see them. These white flowers can brighten my day!!!

It's very nice of you that this Spirea shrub is dedicated to me..... It's very huge and really magnificent!

Not "triple" wow, but "infinity" WOW from me directly to you!

I sincerely thank you for these, my dear sis! ;)

Many thanks for your friendship and support, too! MILLION LOVE! ;)))

I knew you would say that and I knew you would love these white flowers. : ) When I first saw this bush, I practically ran to it. The whole time I was taking the photos I kept saying to myself, "@tangmo is going to love these." I have never seen so many flowers on one bush like these. My pleasure, my dear sis! : )
Oh, I got worried when I read, "Not triple wow," but then my face lit up when read "Infinity WOW." YAY! I love that so now you have made me very happy with a wide smile. MILLION LOVE right back at you sis!!! : ) : ) : )

Oh! You are very kind to me...... I can imagine how you ran to this bush and thought about me! I would love to be with you at that moment. It would be really special moment.

You know, I'm happy to know that you are happy. Not only "infinity WOW", but also "infinity LOVE" from me directly to you now..... ;)))))

Aw, you just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and now I have a wide smile. Very much needed and special my dear sis! Infinity LOVE from me to you now!!!!
And infinity HUGS! too!!! : ) : ) : ) : )

Infinity SMILE for your "Infinity LOVE and infinity HUGS", my lovely sis! These make me have infinity "HAPPINESS".... ;)))))

Well, I don't think I can top your comment! LOL! Love all of the infinity love, smiles, hugs and happiness sis! (I am smiling and laughing as I type this.) HaHa!

Ha ha! I'm smiling and laughing now, too..... ;)))