Some Rainbow pics :D

in #nature7 years ago

Rainbows are such a pleasant view, what to say, it cant be expressed in words, Last year i was lucky to capture some of them, which i would like to share with you guys!


I remember this evening, it was bit rainy and surrounded by greenery everywhere and sight of rainbow made it more special moment for me


It was a complete rainbow, wish i had captured it better with a better camera


Double rainbows too but unfortunately it's not of that good quality but you can see them :P

Hope you guys enjoyed these if views, if you did then upvote it :) Thanks for checking out!


Some amazing captures! Loved them!!!
Let the life be like a rainbow...VIBGYOR !!! Eachday !!! LOL :)


Exactly! Each different color :D Much gratitude for your constant support amit

Amazing sight and beautiful click! Spotting a rainbow is one of the special phenomenon given by nature.

Thank you :)


Indeed it is :) Nature is beautiful . Thanks for the comment

It is such a rarity!))

Thank you :)

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