Incredible Passion Flower

in nature •  6 months ago


The passion flower is incredibly beautiful and useful.
I know people use the flowers to make a tea for a calming effect for anxiety and for sleeping.



I photographed these flowers at the butterfly garden area at
The Heard Museum in McKinney, Texas.

The leaves of the passion vine are where the gulf fritillary butterfly lays her eggs and then caterpillars hungrily munch the vines!

Here is my post about the gulf fritillary caterpillar and butterfly from a few days ago.

Have a Blessed Day!


June 29, 2018
All original photos taken by me on my Canon PowerShot

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Yes, that is a beautiful flower. I wonder if they grow well in Virginia Beach, Va. My brother had a similar group crawling alone his fence. Smelled wonderful.

Wow.. What a beautiful flower. Thanks for sharing. :)

Passion flower is truly otherworldly looking. I would love to make some symmetrical art using it as the basis!


Yes, you should do that!

What a lovely flower. It's like it's just saying, "Come to me, and drink me, and let me help you drift off to sleep." Plants are so much MORE than most people realize. I mean, I'm a big tisane fan (camomile, crysanthemum, etc.) but I have also had my fair (medicinal) share of cannabis, opium, etc. These plants are PART of us, but TOO MANY people are too busy to realize this...

That is incredible. I feel relaxed just looking at the picture. It's too bad they are in the museum not in your yard. I would really like a cup of tea now.


It's not my picture, but it is such a wonderful flower I had to share ^^

Great Captures!
The colors are so happy and full of life.
Steem on :)

Amazing flowers, I have never seen such before. Good photos .. Thanks

Amazing and incredible flowers, great photos!

Beautiful flower. Looks like an upside down jellyfish.

That is one incredible looking flower and the nursery of butterflies. Excellent:)

They are such elaborate blossoms, aren't they? Great photos,

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Oh it's so Cosmic looking :D Beautiful!

There is nothing as pretty as a fence covered with Passion flower vines. I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t grow them. The butterflies do love them so. 🐓🐓